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One of the key strengths of a Bachelor's Degree is the breadth of your skills and experience.

Your degree is designed, in part, to prepare you for jobs that don't yet exist and so that you can be adaptable as the job market shifts with new technologies and changes. Some of the top skills you're developing and that translate directly to employable traits are included below:

Highlighted Skills Canadian Employers Look For

Ways to Improve or Gain Experience

Communication Skills
Ability to write, speak, and listen effectively

Ability to adjust and react well to unexpected changes or conditions, including transitioning to a new workplace or managing a variety of projects

Willingness to work hard and push boundaries through initiative

Ability to manage time effectively and prioritize work to achieve goals; demonstrates reliability and ability to work in a timely manner

Ability to collaborate successfully, including with people of varied ages and personal/professional backgrounds

Willingness to Learn
Readiness and enthusiasm to gain new knowledge and adjust to change or a new work environment

Analysis and Problem Solving
Ability to work through a problem to find a solution, including synthesizing information, critical-thinking, and troubleshooting

  • Break down the problem into key components
  • Explore alternative methods of solving the problem
  • Create mind maps to visualize the problem
  • Practice this in class or by participating in a case competition

*The skills above are presented in random order and do not indicate rank of importance.

Adapted from National Association of Colleges and Universities (2013), University of Toronto Career Centre (2011), Millennial Branding and Experience Inc. (2012), Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (2012), University of Victoria (2012), Association of Graduate Recruiters (2006), Council for Industry and Higher Education (2008) and University of Alberta Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (2011).
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