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Don't give up – this is a perfect opportunity to learn from your mistakes, see why you didn’t do as well as you had hoped, and find strategies to improve your scores in the future.
Failing a course can be very difficult to face. Maybe the subject isn’t your strong suit, or you faced distractions from other courses or personal matters.
Science Advisors review the records of all 9,500 Science students in May and June each year.
Should I withdraw from a course and get a W standing on my transcript? What happens when I withdraw from a course?
A lot of registration changes happen in the first week or so of school, sometimes even right up until the add/drop deadline.  
The 80-20 rule states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
From Transfer to Transition: Carlie's 3 Tips to Make the Transition into UBC
Simran transferred to UBC from a small community college in BC.
Lauren transferred to UBC from a mid-sized university in Ontario.