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Now is your chance to apply what you’ve learned in class to real-world problems.

Your education at UBC is more than just learning from lectures. It’s also about applying your knowledge in a variety of situations to a variety of challenges. One great way to develop your skills is through case competitions. These events often allow you work collaboratively to tackle some of the world’s biggest issues, ranging from climate change to superbugs. You’ll get to develop some of the most important skills that employers want to see: communication skills through presentations, organizational skills by working on a tight deadline, and collaborative skills by working with your peers. Most importantly, you’ll get to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills by critically assessing and investigating the problem. Plus, the prizes aren’t too bad either.

Science Case Competition

Teams of 3-5 receive a case topic and have about a week to design and virtually present a solution to a panel of UBC professors. Organized annually by SCI Team.

Why you should do it

Work with your friends or come as you are and join a team as a free agent in a low-risk, high-fun event. It’s an excellent first step if you’re new to case competitions.


Fame and glory.

Deadline to register

Jan 18, 2022

Event date

Jan 26, 2022

A team of UBC Science Students prepare for their presentation

World's Challenge Challenge

    Teams of 2 or 3 will work to develop a unique solution to one of the global issues we currently face today. UBC finalists present in front of a panel of judges, and the top team travels to the International World’s Challenge Challenge. 

    In 2017, first year Science student Renhao and his team tackled world hunger.

    Why you should do it

    A unique chance to tackle the world problem of your choice. You just need to submit a proposal to start.


    1st place: Each winning member will receive $2000 and the opportunity to take part in the virtual finals at Western University. 

    2nd place: Each winner receives $1000. 


    Jan 9, 2022