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Clubs for academics, sports, and other extra-curricular activities to find friends with similar interests and build interpersonal skills.

Help with coursework, assignments, exam reviews and more.
Academic Support

Prepare for next steps for graduation with this program developed for UBC Science students.
Career & Experience

Career events and workshops to build skills and gain tips for student employment and working towards career goals.
Career & Experience

UBC job board with part-time and full-time positions for current students and recently graduated students.
Career & Experience

Open to CPSC students in all year levels. Discover career options and participate with mentors in activities like job shadowing, career fairs, and industry panels.
Career & Experience, Mentoring

A guide for the course registration system, financial questions, UBC records (eg: transcripts), final exam schedule and related questions, and graduation.
Awards & Finances

Volunteer and paid roles in residence life, reading week activities, AMS clubs, leadership opportunities and so much more.
Career & Experience, Community

Hands-on research and study opportunities at UBC's partner institutions around the world.
Career & Experience, Degree Planning, Research

Planning to graduate this year? Be informed about graduation requirements, ceremony details, and more.
Degree Planning

Part of the value of your BSc degree is how you design your time here. Check out these stories from BSc graduates and where their degrees have taken them.
Career & Experience, Degree Planning

Peer feedback regarding the Integrated Sciences application essays and course selections, and sharing academic and volunteering opportunities.
Career & Experience, Mentoring

Learn about the different kinds of minors that Science students can undertake as part of their BSc degree.
Degree Planning

A conference for UBC undergraduate students to showcase their research.

Federal funding for professors to hire students to work on research-related jobs and projects.
Awards & Finances, International Students, Research

Registration dates, add/drop dates, transfer credits,and the registration process.
Degree Planning

Mentoring program for undergrad students interested in getting into research. Wraps up with presentation at a UBC undergrad research conference.
Career & Experience, Mentoring, Research

Learn more and get experience during your degree to build your skills and prepare for life after graduation.
Career & Experience

Hear how Dr. Jared Stang, Amanda and Andy first got into research as undergraduate students with minimal experience.

UBC Science Co-op offers paid job placements with local and international employers from diverse industries.
Career & Experience, Degree Planning