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Check the Graduation website for the deadlines to apply for May and November graduation.

Applying for Graduation

Use Degree Navigator First

Review your graduation requirements (both faculty and specialization) with Degree Navigator, and then apply for graduation through the Student Service Centre.

Integrated, General and Forensic Science Science students should use the UBC Integrated, General and Forensic Science Graduation Checklist instead. Learn more.

Use Degree Navigator

Frequently Asked Questions

All faculty and program requirements must be met for a student to be eligible for graduation. If you have a deferred standing (aka 'SD') in a course that you are using to fulfill requirements, then you may not be able to graduate in May. If you write the deferred exam during the summer deferred exam period you may graduate the following November.
All faculty and program requirements must be met for a student to be eligible for graduation. If the failed course is part of the requirements, then you will not be able to graduate. You will need to complete this missing requirement and re-apply for graduation. On the other hand, if the failed course is not being used for your requirements you may be eligible for graduation.
The two sets of requirements that you must complete are the faculty requirements and the program requirements. This is not applicable for Integrated, General and Forensic Science students.

Faculty Requirements: Towards the end of Term 1, the Science Student Information Centre reviews the Faculty requirements of all registered students who have fourth year standing. Check your Degree Navigator report when your grades are in from Term 1. Ultimately, you, the student, are responsible for ensuring that you meet the requirements for graduation.

Specialization Requirements: The Science Student Information Centre also reviews the specialization requirements for fourth year General Science students. Students in other specializations should consult their department advisors. Please review the appropriate checklists and the UBC Academic Calendar yourself before meeting with an advisor so that you can come prepared with specific questions.

Up until the day you graduate, you are eligible to register for and take UBC courses; however, after your graduation, if you wish to continue to take courses, you will be considered an "Unclassified" (UNCL) student. Learn more here
You can obtain a Confirmation of Graduation letter (or Program Completion letter) by logging into your Student Service Centre and selecting "Program Completion Letter" under "Grades & Records". If you need a Confirmation of Graduation letter before you've been approved for graduation, please fill out this form online

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