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Students with a recognized undergraduate degree may be eligible to pursue a BSc as a second degree, or the Bachelor of Computer Science. Students will not be permitted to undertake a second degree program that overlaps significantly with studies for a previously granted degree.

The pursuit of an honours, General Science, or Integrated Sciences program as a second degree is normally not permitted. Various departments in UBC Science have special requirements (such as having your program approved in writing). It is recommended to speak with the appropriate advisors early in your program.

Requirements for Enrolled Second Degree Students
  • Students must complete a minimum of 60 credits at UBC while enrolled in their second degree program
  • Students must satisfy all Faculty and program requirements
  • All upper-level Faculty and program requirements must be met through second degree credits only
  • Specific program requirements completed prior to commencement of the second degree may not be repeated, and must be replaced by additional courses in order to satisfy the 60-credit and upper-level requirements
  • The remaining degree requirements and course prerequisites can be satisfied by any combination of first- and second-degree credits
  • Any second-degree student who has not completed the Communication requirement upon admission must complete it within the first 30 credits completed at UBC

Students with limited background for their chosen program may find it necessary to complete more than 60 credits to fulfill all degree requirements. Since no transfer credit appears on the transcript, students admitted to a second degree must consult with Science Advising and the appropriate department regarding specific second degree requirements prior to starting their program.

Promotion Requirements

The standard promotion requirements apply only to students admitted from high school or on transfer from another post-secondary institution.

Students admitted on the basis of prior study (i.e. completion of a first degree) are subject to special promotion requirements based on the year level to which they were admitted.

Entering First Year

For students admitted into first year, promotion to second year requires completion of a minimum of 15 100-level Science credits (either with UBC credits or from prior study).

Entering Second Year

For students admitted into or promoted to second year, promotion to third year requires completion of any of the following that were not met with prior study:

  • Minimum 3 credits of the Communication Requirement
  • Lower Level Science Requirements
  • A total of at least 30 Science credits

Entering Third Year

For students admitted into or promoted to third year, promotion to fourth year requires completion of:

  • Minimum 18 UBC credits, including any remaining part of the English requirement
  • Minimum 9 credits of Science courses numbered 300 or above
FAQ for Second Degree Students
This is to go over second degree requirements (e.g., must complete 60 UBC credits or half the degree, a minimum of 48 upper level credits, 6 credits of First-year English if not completed in your first degree, etc.) Also, you need to be aware that your second degree specialization cannot have significant overlap with your first degree. Please use the 2nd-degree requirements checklist.
Try registering for courses through the SSC. Sometimes the SSC will allow you to register for courses and give you a warning to check your prerequisites with the department. If you are unable to register for courses, you need to get approval from the department in which the course is offered.
Promotion from one year level to the next is based on what courses you have completed towards your chosen specialization, not just on the total number of credits completed. Many 2nd degree students start their BSc in Year 2. However, if you fulfill all the 2nd and 3rd year requirements in Year 2, you may be promoted directly to Year 4 in May of the following year. Check out UBC Science promotion requirements.
You can view the checklist of degree requirements and see what you have done already and what you need to do. If you have been admitted, you may fill in the second degree checklist.
Second degree students may request permission from the Associate Dean to count up to a maximum of 12 unclassified credits towards their second BSc degree but only if they are particularly relevant to the degree. Include these in your second degree checklist submission. 

Getting into a specialization can be done in 1 of 2 ways.

  1. Applying through the Second Year Application Process
    This is for students going into Year 2. (Students are given only a brief window of time, in the month of June, in which they can apply to these programs, so watch for emails pertaining to this.) They list their top 3 choices in order of preference. Then they are placed in programs based on their marks and prerequisite courses completed. If a student does not meet the requirements for their first choice, they will be considered for their second choice, and so on.
  2. Applying directly to the department
    This is for students going into 3rd year. Find the contact details for the relevant program advisor.

Please Note: There are a limited number of seats available in many specializations. If you do not get into your desired specialization at the second-year level, you may have another chance after second year. However, you will have to improve your academic record to have a chance.