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COVID-19 and UBC's response

Learn more about UBC's COVID-19 response and campus return plan. Stay up-to-date with UBC Science's plans.

First Year Science Students - have you told us which course registration webinar you'll be attending yet?
They're happening Monday June 21 and Tuesday June 22.

What types of questions can I ask?

If you have a medical issue or personal problem that is affecting your academic life, come see us as soon as possible! Don't wait for exams. Our advisors can connect you with resources to help you cope with extenuating circumstances. We can also help you with general inquiries like applying for a minor, taking a term off, Faculty level requirements, taking summer courses, determining if you're eligible to graduate, and more.

What types of questions can't you answer?

As much as we want to help, we can't help you select a program specialization in second year, or with course selection once you're in a major. Picking a program is something you need to do on your own. Think about your interests and strengths. What career would you like to pursue? Are you passionate about one subject or a broad range of science disciplines? Remember that your time in university is not only about learning, but also self-discovery. So go to program information sessions (often put on by science clubs), workshops (such as Beyond First Year) and career expos. We're the office to go to if you have questions about Faculty requirements, but your program advisor is the expert on requirements specific to your degree.

What should I do before visiting Science Advising?

Look through the online UBC Academic Calendar (the official book of rules) and search the UBC Science Student website. We expect you to have completed a little bit of research before contacting our office--just like you wouldn't show up at your professor's office asking questions to which the answers can easily be found in your lecture notes or textbook! Resourcefulness is an important skill to develop and hone during your university years.

Connect with Science Advising

Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 4 PM, except statutory holidays

On busy days, you can join the queue until 3:30 PM. If you join Zoom and are notified that the meeting room is locked, please return the next day that we're open.

By smartphone

  • Download and open the Zoom app and enter Meeting ID 874 503 019, Passcode 169069
  • Enter your preferred name. You'll be added to the queue to speak with an academic advisor in the order you arrived.

By computer or tablet with the Zoom app

By computer or tablet without the Zoom app

  • Join our Science Advising Waiting Room
  • Select "Join Meeting as an Attendee"
  • On the next page, cancel the prompt to download Zoom
  • Use the "Click here" hyperlink
  • Cancel the download prompt again
  • Click "Join from your browser"
  • Enter your preferred name. You'll be added to the queue to speak with an academic advisor in the order you arrived

Contact Us By Phone

  • If possible, we strongly encourage you to connect with us via smartphone, computer or tablet; we often refer to websites in our answers and it is helpful to share links directly.
  • Dial 778.907.2071, meeting ID: 874 503 019#, passcode: 169069#
  • You'll be placed on hold in the queue and meet with an academic advisor in the order you arrived

Alternate Contact

We strongly recommend contacting us by one of the methods listed above - it allows us to provide better, more personalized advising and is more efficient. If it truly is not an option, you can leave a message. Please note that our response to these messages will be significantly delayed and we strongly encourage you to connect with us via Zoom to speak with an advisor.