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COVID-19 and UBC's response

Learn more about UBC's COVID-19 response and campus return plan. Stay up-to-date with UBC Science's plans.

Give back to the community and make the UBC experience great for new and current students.

Applications open in January.

Science Orientations Leader

  • Help new-to-Science students, particularly those transitioning from high school to university
  • Facilitate the delivery of Imagine UBC to new students

SCI Team

  • Organize educational events to help Science students in their professional and personal development.

Science Peer Academic Coaches (SPAC)

  • Offer one-on-one academic support to students by providing study techniques and exam prep skills.

Residence Advisors

  • Provide a safe and secure living and learning environment for residents in UBC housing

Jump Start Orientation Leader

  • Welcome and support incoming students in their transition to UBC
  • Facilitate the two-week immersion program for incoming students

Reading Week Projects

  • Help out at a local school or nonprofit organization during Reading Week

Collegia Advisors

  • Help commuter students build connections with peers 
  • Provide general involvement coaching

Other Peer Program Positions

Numerous other positions are available across campus, including peer advisors, equity ambassadors, and sustainability ambassadors.