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Give back to the community and make the UBC experience great for new and current students.

Applications for these roles typically open throughout term two (e.g. January through April). Keep an eye on the websites below and your Distillation emails. 

Science Orientations Leader

  • Help new-to-Science students, particularly those transitioning from high school to university
  • Facilitate the delivery of Imagine UBC to new students

SCI Team

  • Organize educational events to help Science students in their professional and personal development.

Science Peer Academic Coaches (SPAC)

  • Offer one-on-one academic support to students by providing study techniques and exam prep skills.

Residence Advisors

  • Provide a safe and secure living and learning environment for residents in UBC housing

Jump Start Orientation Leader

  • Welcome and support incoming students in their transition to UBC
  • Facilitate the two-week immersion program for incoming students

Reading Week Projects

  • Help out at a local school or nonprofit organization during Reading Week

Collegia Advisors

  • Help commuter students build connections with peers 
  • Provide general involvement coaching

Other Peer Program Positions

Numerous other positions are available across campus, including peer advisors, equity ambassadors, and sustainability ambassadors.