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A lot of registration changes happen in the first week or so of school, sometimes even right up until the add/drop deadline.


Graduating Soon and Can't Get into the Course?

If you're on track to graduate in May of this academic year, and one or more of your required courses is full, you have a right to a seat in the course. Learn more.

#1. Register online for the course waitlist (if there is one)

Students will be moved off waitlists whenever space becomes available. If you're on a waitlist, be sure to check your registration regularly until the add/drop deadline to keep up to date on your registration status in that course.

#2. If there isn’t an online waitlist, check the departmental website

For example, for EOSC courses, look for “courses”, “registration”, etc., and see if there is another process for indicating your desire to take a course. There may be a waitlist in the department or a time when students are invited to attend a registration session.

#3. Keep your eye on the course via the Student Service Centre (SSC)

If there is no waitlist, when students change their own registration (i.e. drop the course), spots will become available online and you can register.

#4. Check your course on your Student Service Centre (SSC) again after the first class

People may be trying to get into another section that fits their schedule better and this is when you can scoop your ideal section.

Keep in mind, this particular strategy will not work for many courses especially multi-section courses; they have coordinators in departmental offices who control space so even if it looks like there is an opening, you likely won’t be able to register in it. That’s another reason for starting your planning early and investigating how different departments work.

If you still have questions, talk to Science Advising Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 4 PM.