What Happens After My Term 2 Grades Are Submitted?

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Science Advisors review the records of all 10,000 Science students in May and June each year.

Advisors check your current academic standing and review the courses you have successfully completed to determine if you should be promoted to the next year level.

You’ll see the results of this assessment when you receive an email sharing your course registration date and time. You can find the same info by clicking on the “Registration” tab in the Student Service Centre


See "Advising Required" or "Advising Blocked" when registering for courses? Contact Science Advising immediately or you may not be able to register on your assigned date and time.

Things you should know:

  • The review process does take time. 
  • Until we finish reviewing your record you will see "You have not selected an eligibility for this session. Please select one by clicking 'Program' in the menu bar." and then when you follow those instructions, you will see "Registration is not active for this session, you do not have any eligibilities for this session or you are on hold and this function is disabled." If it is two weeks before your year level is expected to register and you still see this message, please connect with Science Advising.
  • We will be in touch with you by email if you have not met the requirements for good academic standing.
  • If you have:
    • Reviewed your courses and grades AND
    • Received the email with your 2023W registration date AND
    • Reviewed the links above in detail AND
    • You still have questions about your promotion or academic standing…
    • ...You can contact Science Advising. Be sure to have your student number ready.

Registration dates are staggered by year level and you can learn when your year level will be registering. You'll receive an email from Enrolment Services about one week before your registration opens to let you know your specific registration date/time. 

What if I don’t complete all the requirements for promotion during winter session?

You may continue in the same year level into the next winter session provided that you have not exceeded the upper limit on the number of credits you may attempt before being promoted.


If you still have questions, talk to Science Advising