Moving from First to Second Year in Science

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You've probably heard already.... you need to choose a specialization (e.g. major) at the end of your first year.

While the process is multi-faceted, it doesn't need to be overly complicated. Below are the major steps to selecting and applying for a specialization. Keep in mind these steps span dates from February to June - add them to your calendar!

Find out exactly what you'll need to know and do, and learn where you can find the necessary information about specializing. These sessions include a presentation followed by a question and answer period. Find dates and more.

Progressing from first to second year in UBC Science involves a bit of soul-searching, and more than a bit of planning. Learn more.

March 2018
Departmental advisors and senior students in each specialization come together for one night to answer all of your questions. Learn more.

You'll be asked to indicate and rank three specializations on your application - you will need to meet the specific course requirements for each of these and you might be accepted into any one of them.

The Coordinated Second-Year Specialization Application opens in June 2017. Learn more.

Questions? Talk to UBC Science Advising Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 4 pm.