Get Ready for Your First Year Physics Course This Fall

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The UBC Department of Physics & Astronomy is offering Introductory Physics. 

This free, refresher course, open to all newly admitted students, can help you ensure you're ready for university-level physics this fall.

As a self-paced, online course available this summer, Introductory Physics covers the BC Physics 12 curriculum. Only algebra-based content is presented, which means that no knowledge of calculus is required. You will get to assess and enrich your knowledge, and reinforce your understanding of concepts you have already learned. You can also ask questions—and connect with many of your future classmates—on the discussion forum (on Piazza) that’s linked with the course. 

Will I get credit for this course? 

No—Introductory Physics is a noncredit course. So, when you’re registering for your 2022 Winter Session courses, remember: Only the physics coursework you completed during high school decides which PHYS course you meet the pre-requisites for. 

How can I register? 

To enrol in Introductory Physics, create an account on edX Edge

Once you’re on the registration page, click on the “Use my institution/campus credentials” button, and then select “University of British Columbia.” Enter your Campus Wide Login (CWL) credentials and update your profile to enrol in the course. 

The course has officially opened and is available until Aug 30, 2022.