Leadership Team

Meigan Aronson, Dean, UBC Science

Meigan Aronson, Dean

The Dean of Science is the chief academic and administrative officer of the Faculty. For appointments please contact Barbara Macedo.

E: scideanasst@science.ubc.ca 

Svetlana Minchenko, Manager, Office Administration

Manages the administrative organization and support staff of the Office of the Dean;  works closely with the Dean to manage strategic priorities and drives a variety of academic projects and activities including the Faculty promotion and tenure review process, Department leadership searches and external reviews of the academic Departments.

P: 604-822-3518
E: minchenko@science.ubc.ca

Students + Academic

James Charbonneau, Associate Dean, Students

Responsible for managing undergraduate enrollment, administering undergraduate degree requirements including admissions, advancement and graduation; facilitating course registration and program planning including exchange abroad; overseeing course articulation with other institutions, supporting UBC Science Co-op, the International Student Initiative, First Nations initiatives, peer-to-peer learning, student engagement and leadership development; managing student awards, academic appeals and discipline.

P: 604-822-4214
E: adstudents@science.ubc.ca

For appointments please email: adadminugrad@science.ubc.ca.

Jaclyn Stewart, Associate Dean, Academic

Responsible for the Faculty's curriculum process; administering programs, Science One, Coordinated Science, Integrated Science, Combined Major in Science, Science 101; managing the Skylight Science Centre for Learning and Teaching, as well as liaison with the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative; administering the Science Killam Teaching Prizes, student evaluation of teaching, and GTA Teaching Awards; facilitating First Nations initiatives.

P: 604-827-0043
E: stewart@science.ubc.ca

For appointments please email: adadminugrad@science.ubc.ca.

Cindy Nahm, Assistant Dean, Students

Responsible for undergraduate student strategic initiatives and oversight of undergraduate student services in the Faculty of Science. Provides leadership for enrollment management, awards and scholarship, recruitment and retention. Responsible for initiatives and programming such as STEM outreach, Indigenous student initiatives, student engagement, student systems renewal and matters related to academic integrity, academic evaluation and concessions.

P: 604-822-2509
E: cindy.nahm@ubc.ca

Research + Innovation

Mark MacLachlan, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies

Responsible for issues related to research and graduate student matters, including faculty and graduate student awards, Canada Research Chairs, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, space, conflict of interest, intellectual property, and ethics review.

P: 604-822-9652
E: MacLachlan@science.ubc.ca

Curtis Suttle, Associate Dean, Engagement

Responsible for issues related to the Faculty's external research engagement, partnerships, and outreach initiatives.

P: 604-822-9652
E: suttle@science.ubc.ca

Faculty + Equity

Susan Allen, Associate Dean, Faculty

Responsible for the Faculty’s promotion and tenure reviews, faculty retention efforts, dual career positions, and peer evaluation of teaching initiatives.

P: 604-822-4213
E: sallen@science.ubc.ca

Ninan Abraham, Associate Dean, Equity and Diversity

Responsible for issues related to the Faculty's recruitment diversity initiatives, data tracking and reporting, and communications with the equity and inclusion office.

E: nabraham@science.ubc.ca

Stephanie van Willigenburg, Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Responsible for a broad range of issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, including leading faculty diversity initiatives related to women, racialized minorities, LGBTQ+ people, Indigenous people and people with disability.

E: stephvw@science.ubc.ca

Operations + HR

Ray McNichol, Assistant Dean, Finance, Resources and Operations

Reporting to the Dean of Science, works closely with the executive management team, including Associate Deans and Department Heads and Directors in the area of strategic resource management, operations, policy implementation and change management.

P: 604 822-9868
E: ray.mcnichol@ubc.ca

Janie McCallum, Assistant Dean, Human Resources

Responsible for providing leadership and direction on human resources issues for faculty, staff and students appointees within the Faculty of Science, and for providing leadership to the Dean’s office administrative staff.

P: 604-822-0220
E: janie.mccallum@ubc.ca


Allan Berezny, Assistant Dean, Development and Alumni Engagement

Responsible for engaging our alumni and the community to invest in research, students and projects in the Faculty of Science.

P: 604-822-8686
E: allan.berezny@ubc.ca

Chris Balma, Director, Communications

Responsible for the development and execution of the Faculty's strategic communication program, the delivery of targeted messaging across electronic, print and social media. These include websites, electronic newsletters, donor vehicles, student collateral, and media.

P: 604-822-5082
E: balma@science.ubc.ca