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Students must fulfill Faculty and program-specific requirements in order to progress through their degree.

The ultimate guide to these requirements is the UBC Calendar, but we hope this plain-language section of the website helps you advance smoothly.

Bachelor of Science

Basic Credit Requirements

To graduate with a BSc you must meet all Faculty requirements, continuation, language and promotion requirements. On top of that, your specialization will have specific requirements too.

  1. Total credit requirement: 120 credits.
  2. Science requirement: At least 72 credits fulfilled in the Faculty of Science.
  3. Upper-level requirement: At least 48 credits in upper level courses numbered 300 and above (including at least 30 credits in Science courses).
  4. Lower-level requirement: Various 100 level courses.
  5. Arts requirement: At least 12 credits in the Faculty of Arts, not including any English courses used to fulfill the Communication requirement.
  6. Breadth requirement: at least nine credits in an area outside the specialization (either in another Science discipline or in Arts).

The Details

Faculty Requirements All students must fulfill Faculty requirements » Communication Requirement (e.g. SCIE 113, ENGL) A 5 on the essay portion of the LPI is required to register in English (but not SCIE 113) unless you're exempt » Promotion Requirements Refers to advancing year to year based on completed credit requirements » Continuation Requirements Students' grades are assessed twice a year for eligibility to continue »

Specialization Requirements for a B.Sc.

In addition to the requirements outlined above, there are requirements specific to your particular program--check the UBC Calendar under the name of your program or contact your program advisor.

Second Undergraduate Degrees

Refer to the degree planning portion of the site to learn more about requirements for a second undergraduate degree.

Minors, Second Majors and Honours

Different requirements apply for students adding a minor or a second major in Science to their program. Honours students must obtain a minimum of 132 credits and at least 42 of the 48 upper level credits must be in Science. Honours students do not need to meet the breadth requirement. Check with your program for exact requirements.