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About Biophysics

The primary objective of the Biophysics program is to give students a good working knowledge of one subfield in the biological sciences at the senior undergraduate level. Students graduating in the program will also have an understanding of the basic concepts and quantitative skills of physics. It is intended that graduates of this program will be able to go to graduate school in biological sciences or physics with minimal remedial work.


Program details

The biophysics program is intended to keep all of the options available to students in either biology or physics, while opening new opportunities in fields that benefit from the combination, such as pharmaceutical companies. The biophysics program is excellent preparation for the medical profession. Biophysicists make a tremendous impact in medical radiology, where imaging techniques like MRI, PET, and ultrasound are based on physical phenomena. The Science One program is an ideal entry point for this program as it integrates both physical and biological sciences; however, there is no reason why students in the regular first year science stream cannot take this program as well.

Career options in Biophysics