What Do I Do If I Miss Classes?

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It may feel like there’s nothing you can do and you’ve just forfeited big chunks of your grades, but keep in mind that you have options.

First of all, make sure that you’re addressing any health concerns. If you don’t have a family doctor in Vancouver, or if you have been feeling very anxious or low, there are many services for all registered UBC students.

Hang on to any medical documentation or doctor’s notes to provide to your instructor. Since every course is taught in a different way and course learning objectives are assessed by various methods, there is no universal way for all instructors to accommodate for a documented illness when an assignment is late or a test is missed.

For example, one instructor may have a make-up midterm while another instructor decides to shift the weight to the next midterm; in yet another course, you could be asked to write an assignment that covers the same subject matter. Overall, keep in mind that your instructors will do their best to assess what you have learned in their course to be fair to both you and the other students in the class.

In some cases, you may miss too many lectures to realistically catch up in all of your courses. You can consult a faculty academic advisor and make a request for one or more late withdrawals – connect with Science Advising to discuss your options and ask any questions you have about the impact of a withdrawal. Keep in mind that withdrawing from one or more courses (even if it is later in the term as an academic concession) could have an impact on a scholarship or bursary, your student loan eligibility, your residence contract, or on your athletics eligibility.

In addition to speaking with your faculty advisor, you should also contact your Enrolment Services Advisor (ESA) to inquire about the non-academic impacts of a late withdrawal.

By connecting with your instructors, your academic advisor and your ESA, you will be well supported and connected to helpful resources around campus. We’re all here to help you achieve your academic goals!

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