Emotional or Medical Difficulties

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Short-term Absence

A short-term illness may prevent you from attending class or writing a midterm exam. If you miss a class or two, we hope you will have established a connection to other students on whom you can call for notes. If you miss a midterm exam you need to follow the guidelines in your course outline and notify your instructor directly. The Science Advising staff rarely get involved in those cases. If you miss more than a few classes, see the guidance below.

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Emotional or Medical Difficulties

Anytime you experience difficulties that are affecting your academic progress, we advise you to come to Science Advising as soon as possible. You may be referred to a Faculty advisor for academic advice, or depending on your situation, you may also be referred to Counselling Services, Centre for Accessibility (Disability Resource Centre), or a physician at Student Health. It is best to visit Science Advising when problems arise rather than waiting until your academic progress worsens. In some instances, an academic concession may be granted. This is a privilege, not a right, and is normally granted to students who have extenuating circumstances, such as: serious medical or emotional conditions, religious observance, or military service. The most common request for an academic concession is a deferred exam—a final exam written later than scheduled owing to extenuating circumstances that prevented the student from writing the exam.

Certification of Illness

If illness has affected your academic performance or you require an academic concession (e.g. deadline extensions or exam deferrals), your professor may ask for a certificate of illness. Your treating doctor (at Student Health Service or any private clinic) is the only one who can document your illness—if they see you when you are ill. Student Health Service doctors can only document illness that has been observed/treated by SHS doctors and nurses. For additional resources and services, please visit the UBC Student Services website.