FOCUS: A new digital magazine from UBC Science

FOCUS: a new digital magazine from UBC Science.

Message from Dean Meigan Aronson

I’m pleased to present the inaugural issue of FOCUS—a new, thematic approach to exploring collaborative research and intellectual connections across and beyond UBC Science. 

The importance of fundamental research oriented toward solving complex challenges has come into stark relief over the past two years. We’ve been dramatically reminded how pandemic modelling, vaccine development, climate research, improving biodiversity and food security, developing green materials, studying AI all demand our best minds working together with committed, equally passionate stakeholders. It’s also become clear that we need new, creative ways (maybe even off-beat ways) to communicate scientific advances on important topics.

Our theme this issue is Flight—you’ll discover how UBC researchers are helping bees weather climate change, improve drone automation, combat bird strikes, and advocate for the sustainable use of near-Earth orbits. This calibre and type of research isn’t possible without investigators dedicated to discovery and meaningful collaborations—whether across campus or with farmers, government, NGOs or industry the world over. We hope the creative approach to presenting these stories conveys just a bit of the thrill of discovery inherent in basic research, and our commitment to improving our world through science.

Enjoy your flight,
Professor Meigan Aronson

Dean, Faculty of Science
Physicist, UBC Physics and Astronomy, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute

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