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UBC Science welcomes applications from students in British Columbia, across Canada, and around the world.

The admissions process is managed by the Undergraduate Admissions Office of Enrolment Services on behalf of UBC Science, via the portal. Email communication will be important, so you will need to provide an email address that you check regularly as directed during the application process. Be sure to keep your email account active and don't let your mailbox fill up. The Undergraduate Admissions Office will send you many important messages, each of which will require a timely response.

Although the deadline to submit an application is the end of January, in most cases you will be supplying academic records after that time.

High School Students

Because high-school systems vary around the world our assessment practices also vary. At all times the intention is to provide a fair evaluation. To do so, the Undergraduate Admissions Office must consider different aspects of your high school record depending on the school system in which you studied. Applications will not be considered complete until you also answer the Personal Profile questions.

Grades are one indicator of academic preparation. The Personal Profile is your chance to give us additional evidence of what you have learned about the world and yourself both in and out of school, and other indicators of suitability for study in the BSc. There are no 'right' answers. Please give us an authentic representation of you as a person, a learner, and a potential member of the UBC Science community.

If you are given the option of reporting your grades online, do so carefully. Otherwise, follow the instructions provided to you through your Student Service Centre account for submission of academic records. That may mean interim senior year marks, marks in courses taken in the last two years of high school, or scores on external exams set by international organizations ((I)GCE, IBO, College Board). Many applicants will be evaluated prior to graduating and so interim grades will be considered.

Canadian High School Applicants International High School Applicants

Post-Secondary Transfer Students

If you'll have at least 24 post-secondary credits by the end of Winter Session (May) then you can apply as a transfer student. If you're transferring from a BC college, check that the courses will transfer to UBC using the BC Transfer Guide. In many cases, courses from colleges or universities will substitute for UBC courses, but courses from technical institutes will not. In the latter case, UBC may use your high school academics to meet program-specific admission requirements.

Be sure that you will meet the admission requirements specific for UBC Science. Credit for the equivalent of UBC MATH 100 is mandatory. Further, you need to have credit for appropriate Science courses that meet the requirements for the specialization you hope to pursue. Often it can be easier to transfer if you've completed all of the key courses required in the first two years of a UBC specialization.

Transfer applicants

Canadian Indigenous Students

UBC Science welcomes Indigenous students and has a dedicated advisor to help provide the support and advice needed. Students may also want to refer to the UBC Indigenous Science website, which contains a wealth of information for Indigenous students at UBC, and the First Nations House of Learning, a home away from home and resource centre for First Nations Students studying at the university.

Canadian Indigenous students