Faculty recruiting guidelines and checklist

Recruiting a diverse faculty and attaining excellence in our research and educational missions go hand in hand.

We will be at our best when we draw from the full spectrum of talent available, and when our students have access to role models and mentors that share their experiences. Being successful at recruiting members of underrepresented groups in a competitive market requires careful planning, good judgment and a significant, coordinated effort. We can benefit by sharing best practices within our faculty, and by adopting approaches already honed at our peer institutions.

The Faculty of Science Dean's Office and departments share the common goal of attracting the very best faculty members. The following documents are used as part of this goal.

Crucial Documents for Faculty Recruitment

Download the 2-page Checklist


Download the Job Advert Template


Download the Job Search Plan Template


Contacts for Faculty Recruitment

Janie McCallum
Assistant Dean, Human Resources

Stephanie van Willigenburg
Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Resources for Faculty Recruitment

Search Committee Certification Handouts

Faculty of Science Recruiting Manual

Examples and Samples from Other Departments

Other Resources