Faculty recruiting guidelines and checklist


Recruiting a diverse faculty and attaining excellence in our research and educational missions go hand in hand.

We will be at our best when we draw from the full spectrum of talent available, and when our students have access to role models and mentors that share their experiences. Being successful at recruiting members of underrepresented groups in a competitive market requires careful planning, good judgment and a significant, coordinated effort. We can benefit by sharing best practices within our faculty, and by adopting approaches already honed at our peer institutions.

The Faculty of Science Dean's Office and departments share the common goal of attracting the very best faculty members. The following is the explanation of how communication among members of the Dean's Office and recruiting committees should be structured.

Download the full UBC Science faculty recruitment guidelines

Department’s Check-list for Faculty Recruitment

Review of job search plan and advertisement – Submit to Assistant Dean, HR

  • Job Search Plan (see details in Recruiting Guideline (RG) sections 1.1. and 2.), including names, ranks and gender of committee members and committee chair
  • Draft Advertisement, to include Diversity statement – see details in RG Section 2.3.2 and Appendix A
  • Grant-tenure external support letter provided (if applicable)
  • Start-up funding estimate
  • Dean's Office sign-off (i.e. authorization to submit advertisement through HR Position Management system) and Provost’s sign-off received – allow 1 to 2 weeks for approval

Tracking of applicant pool

  • Advertisement link or approved ad document forwarded to Dean's Office
  • Diversity Survey link (unique to search) received from Dean's Office
  • Survey link provided to each applicant upon receipt of application with encouragement to complete
  • Survey results received from Dean’s Office before and after application deadline and sent to committee
  • Data on applicant pool (see RG section 1.2) sent to Carola Hibsch-Jetter (Dean's Office)

Recruiting-committee orientations by AD Equity and Diversity

All of the following before application deadline and before reviewing any CVs/applications:

  • Orientation session scheduled through Kate Blackburn
  • Orientation session attended by committee members and chair
  • Recruitment 'tool-kit' including Conflict of Interest guidelines and Confidentiality documents distributed
  • Conflicts managed or alternative committee members identified
  • Search criteria defined and finalized; to include assessment of how candidate contributes to EDI
  • The search process, privacy and documentation was discussed

Interview shortlist

  • Prior to inviting candidates, proposed interview shortlist and rationales sent to Kate Blackburn and Janie McCallum (see RG section 1.4 for details) to await approval
  • Dean’s Office sign-off received (from Assoc. Dean and Asst. Dean, HR) prior to inviting candidates

Dean’s Office meetings with the candidates

  • Final shortlist, interview schedule (allow for flexibility when arranging a time), and interviewees’ CVs sent electronically to Kate Blackburn (see RG section 1.5 for details)
  • Associate Dean met with faculty candidates

Authorization to make an offer to preferred candidate and terms

  • Following the candidate visits and department vote, head or director provides a final ranking of the candidates to the Dean's Office (Assistant Dean, HR) with a request to make an offer to the top candidate, along with a rationale for the ranking of the shortlisted candidates.
  • Dean’s Office will review and provide authorization for Head to initiate negotiations with the preferred candidate, and Head should consult on a starting salary if higher than the current baseline and other terms such as start-up (rationale may be required), CFI and PIRL.
  • When terms are finalized, Department submits draft offer letter for approval (to Assistant Dean HR).
  • Dean's Office approval must be received before sending offer letter to candidate.

Contacts for Faculty Recruitment

Janie McCallum
Assistant Dean, Human Resources
mccallum (at) science (dot) ubc (dot) ca

Ninan Abraham
Associate Dean, Equity and Diversity
nabraham(at) science (dot) ubc (dot) ca

Resources for Faculty Recruitment