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  • 6 credits of communication coursework must be completed before promotion to Year 4
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Learn more about your eligibility to take English courses.

At least 72 credits must be in Science courses. 12 credits of Arts courses are required, separate from any English courses taken for the Communication Requirement. Students can take courses in the humanities, social sciences, and languages to fulfill the Science and Arts Requirement.

Students in a major or honours specialization must successfully complete at least 3 credits from any 6 of the 7 categories. Students in a combined major or combined honours specialization must successfully complete at least 3 credits from any 5 of the 7 categories.

Find detailed info on the Science Breadth Requirement.

Students must complete the Foundational and Laboratory Science Requirements.

First year students can review the course planning guide to determine which courses to take based on their high school record.

At least 48 credits must be in upper-level courses (300- and/or 400-level). At least 30 of those must be Science courses, but your program may require more than 30. The remaining credits can be electives in any field or faculty. Learn more.

A major in Science may include up to 18 credits from another faculty other than Science or Arts (e.g., Land & Food Systems, Commerce, Forestry). They may also be chosen from Science or Arts. These credits may also count toward the minimum 48 upper-level credits for the degree. The Honours degree and other options have slightly different requirements - check with your Program Advisor.

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