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For detailed information on the Communication Requirement, please consult the UBC Academic Calendar.

Six credits of communication coursework must be completed before promotion to Year 4. View eligible courses. First-year students may take SCIE 113 (First-year Seminar in Science) to fulfil part of the Communication Requirement. Once admitted to UBC, students will not normally be permitted to satisfy the Communication Requirement at another institution.

Students admitted directly from secondary school should take at least one communication course in Year 1. In your first year, consider taking SCIE 113 for a small-class experience to fulfill part of your communication requirement. 

Students who have transferred from other post-secondary institutions, who are readmitted to the Faculty after being required to discontinue, or who are admitted with a prior degree must meet the Communication Requirement while in Year 2 or Year 3 standing. 

Promotion to fourth-year standing requires that the Communication Requirement be met. There are limits on the number of credits that can be attempted while in second or third years (see the UBC Academic Calendar entry for second-degree students and for other students). Students who reach those limits without meeting the Communication Requirement will be required to discontinue studies in Science.

Students admitted to the BSc program from either the Faculty of Applied Science or the Faculty of Arts at UBC Vancouver and who have credit for APSC 176; ASTU 100, 150; or WRDS 150 may apply the credits toward the Communication Requirement.

Students admitted to the BSc degree who have not met the Communication Requirement by the time they have met the other requirements for promotion to fourth-year standing will not be promoted or permitted to enroll in courses other than Communication courses until the requirement is met. See Promotion Requirements.

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