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About Geophysics

Geophysics involves the use of physics and mathematics to understand the history, structure and processes of Earth and other planets. The field explores topics such as the cause of earthquakes and the Earth's magnetic field. Today's geophysicists contribute their expertise to solving a host of practical and fundamental problems that range from locating buried contaminants to using high-performance computers to simulate the flow of Martian ice caps. Many geophysics undergraduates find employment with companies involved in environmental engineering, petroleum exploration, or mineral exploration. Those who are interested in becoming research scientists continue their studies as graduate and postgraduate students.

Program details

Those who wish to pursue a professional career in geophysics are encouraged to enroll in the honours program. The required sequence of mathematics, physics and geophysics courses is designed to provide a basic structure on which to build a program with science electives normally selected from geophysics, geology, astronomy, oceanography, mathematics, physics and chemistry courses.

Programs offered

  • Major or Honours, Geophysics
  • Combined Honours, Geophysics and another subject
  • Co-op


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