Start off Strong

Science Advising is Renovating

The UBC Science Advising Office is temporarily located at Ponderosa G, 2044 Lower Mall.

Event Details

3 - 4 PM


Free - Registration Required
Get ready for midterms and start your term off strong! Hear insight and advice from UBC professors on how to best prepare for midterms.

In this session, UBC professors and Science Peer Academic Coaches will uncover approaches and tips to studying for exams. Learn from a professor's perspective to gain a more complete understanding of how you should be studying for your midterms.


Transition Presentation | Welcome to University

  • Science Peer Academic Coaches (SPAC) share insightful tips to help you succeed academically.

Workshop Series

  • Biology Professor Karen Smith
  • Physics Professor James Charbonneau


Wellness Presentation | Bicycling through University and Life

  • Science Peer Academic Coaches (SPAC) discuss the importance of wellness and share strategies for tackling stress to achieve academic success.

Workshop Speakers

  • Chemistry Professor Anka Lekhi
  • Math Professor Mark Maclean

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