Alumni Networking Night

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

6 – 7:30 PM

Jack Poole Hall, Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

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What comes after grad? Meet professionals with BSc degrees from diverse work and research fields.

Join us at our annual event where we bring BSc alumni to chat with you about what they got up to after graduation and how they ended up in diverse fields by leveraging their Bachelor of Science degree. You might be surprised at all of the places a BSc can take you. 

Alumni Networking Night 2024 features roundtable discussions, giving you the opportunity to interact with alumni in a casual group setting. You will also have an opportunity to individually interact with alumni that pique your interest during the mixer!

Our 2024 keynote speaker is Rob Kim, a career educator. Rob is a UBC BSc alumnus, a certified Gallup Strength Coach and professional ICF (International Coaching Federation) Associate Coach, and one of LinkedIn's 2022 Top Voices in Job Search and Career. Rob is experienced in motivating and engaging students in educational career content. Learn more about his take on the benefits of a Bachelor of Science degree and about the value of networking with alumni!

2024 Alumni Attendees:

Alumnus Accomplishments

Jenelle Backer
BSc in Chemistry

Jenelle completed her degree in Honours Chemistry in 2016. Post-graduation, she worked in the UBC Chemistry Department helping to optimize and scale-up an isolation procedure for plant-based natural products. Jenelle then stepped into the biotech industry, joining the Formulation and Process Development group at Evonik Vancouver Laboratories, where she is currently a Senior Research Associate. Working on the development of lipid nanoparticle formulations can be challenging at times, but problem solving and close collaboration with other team members keeps each day interesting! During her time at UBC, Jenelle enjoyed participating in UBC REC events like Storm the Wall, was involved in the Co-op program, and completed a Go Global exchange to Ireland. 

Melanie Backer
BSc in Chemistry

Melanie graduated with a BSc in Chemistry (Honours) in 2016 and immediately started her career in the biotech industry at Renaissance BioScience, where she has worked for the past 7.5 years. As part of a small analytical chemistry team, she specializes in method development and analysis of organic compounds by HPLC, UPLC, and GC to support her coworkers in developing novel strains of yeast for a diverse range of applications. She is especially passionate about exploring the chemistry behind flavours and aromas. During her time at UBC, Melanie was involved in a variety of clubs, Rec intramurals and events, Co-op, and a Go Global exchange to Dublin. 


Elaine Chan
BSc in Biology

Elaine graduated from UBC in 2011 with a BSc in biology. Between 2011-2016 she worked as a research coordinator at Praxis Spinal Cord Institute. In 2018 she obtained her Master's in Physical Therapy from UBC. She is currently working as a physical therapist in the acute spine unit at Vancouver General Hospital and is also a National Clinical Liaison at Praxis Spinal Cord Institute. She currently holds a clinical faculty position within the Department of Physical Therapy at UBC. She also serves on the executive committee of the Cardiorespiratory Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Leslie Chan
BSc in Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology

Leslie Chan graduated from UBC with a BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in Commerce in 2017. She completed her co-op terms in cancer research at VCHRI and vaccine research at Sanofi Pasteur Limited in Toronto. Recognizing her passion for health administration, Leslie's early career is characterized by capacity building in quality improvement and promoting patient and family-centered care in provincial initiatives. Currently, Leslie is at the forefront of implementing health technology-enabled advancements to improve patient safety, quality, and consistency across Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, and Provincial Health Services Authority. Leslie is concurrently completing her Master of Health Administration through UBC.  

Roy Chen
BSc in Cell Biology
and Genetics 

Roy is an alumnus of UBC with a BSc in Cell Biology and Genetics ('07) and an MSc in Experimental Medicine ('16). Roy also became a certified Project Management Professional ('17). As a graduate and a registered Medical Laboratory Technologist from the Medlab Science Program at BCIT ('12), he worked in various roles within the local health authorities in the past decade. 

He enjoys helping others and solving problems in a complex healthcare setting and continues to forge meaningful connections with healthcare and academic professionals. 

In 2023, he had a career change from healthcare to the diagnostic industry as a Point-of-care Solution Specialist for Siemens Healthineers. Lastly, he has been volunteering as a mentor for the past ten years, and he enjoys sharing his career stories with everyone. So, come chat with him if you are curious about how he survived through school, work, and whatever else happens in life!   

Eric Chi
BSc in Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology

I completed a BSc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2011 and utilized the analytical and critical thinking skills gained through my undergraduate degree to pursue a two-year Master of Health Administration immediately afterwards. Through my studies at UBC, I gained a strong educational foundation for a career in health care. While I initially struggled with choosing whether to pursue a career in clinical practice or health care administration, I can confidently say I love the work I do on a day-to-day basis in administration. I’ve led teams trying to improve patient care and value for money with the hopes of creating a highly effective and sustainable health care system in BC. If you’re interested in making positive impacts on the health care system that may not be patient facing, feel free to find me to chat! 

Tim Fung
BSc in Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology 

I graduated with a BSc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a Co-Op designation in 2012. After finishing my degree, I continued down the path of research with the eventual goal of doing research in an industry setting. This led me to complete a PhD in Pharmacology and Therapeutics and eventually to a start-up where I led a team of scientists conducting in vivo research. That’s when I realized, I loved the science, but couldn’t see myself in the lab for the rest of my life. I pivoted to a new space at the intersection of science, technology, and business. Now, I’m in a client-facing role working with some of the largest academic and industry research organizations in the world to improve the speed and quality of their research. Looking forward to meeting everyone! 

Gavin Gao
BSc in Biology 

My name is Gavin (BSc. Biology 20'), and I work as the Manager, Residence Education at UBC where I lead the strategy and implementation of training and recruitment programs to support UBC's Residence operations. Prior to this, I worked in the UBC Sauder School of Business supporting the schools undergraduate student engagement strategy, and managing various programs to support student development. I have also worked at SFU and UVic in various roles, helping the university roll out a Student Engagement software in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Outside of work, you can find me taking care of my houseplants, going out with friends, and planning my next trip! 

Carling Gerlinsky
BSc in Biology 

Carling Gerlinsky – Research Assistant/Technician in the Dept. of Zoology, UBC. Carling completed her undergrad in Biology (Hons) at UBC in 2009, and did her honours thesis with the Marine Mammal Research Unit. After working in a lab for a year, she then did a Master’s in Zoology, on Steller sea lion diving physiology, completed in 2013. Since then, she has worked as a research assistant/technician in the department of Zoology, first with the Marine Mammal research unit, assisting with studies on Marine Mammal physiology. Then as a technician with the Schluter Lab and Fisheries and Oceans Canada studying evolutionary biology of fishes, and transgenic fish where she helps manage their aquatics facility and assists students with projects. She now also works with the O’Connor Lab in Zoology, where they study ecology and the effects of climate change on biodiversity. She is a lab manager and technician, helping graduate students and post-docs with their research and is responsible for training new students and undergraduates and running the labs. 

Alun Gunderson
BSc in Psychology  

Alun graduated from UBC in 2017 with a BSc. in Psychology, a program now known as Behavioural Neuroscience. Throughout his degree, Alun had targeted proceeding into medicine through good grades, MCAT scores, and extra-curriculars. At the end of his degree, however, he instead fell in love with the concept of "work-life-balance", and thus proceeded into an alternative professional career. This started with leveraging his volunteer experience to find a career in the medical device industry coordinating clinical research trials but has since transitioned into the cannabis industry. Alun currently works as a Quality & Compliance Manager at Rubicon Organics Inc., a licenced cannabis producer known for super-premium cannabis products. Outside of work, Alun enjoys bouldering, hockey, skiing, cooking, playing music, and spending quality time with his fiancé and dog. 

Cari Ma
BSc in Integrated Science
(Biopsychology and Neurobiology) 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Science, specializing in Biopsychology and Neurobiology, in 2010. My academic journey at UBC was enriched by active involvement in the Student Union Society (SUS), International Business Club, Emerging Leaders Program, and various other clubs and events. My professional path after graduation began in technology sales, where I garnered 8+ years of experience with startups, medium-sized firms, and a Fortune 500 company. This career took me to diverse global locations including Shanghai, Toronto, Hong Kong, Palo Alto, and now Vancouver. Currently, I am dedicated to real estate sales, focusing on developing a robust support team for my expanding business. 

Gianina Osorio
BSc in Biology 

Nina graduated with a B.Sc. Major in Biology in 2021 and is currently working as a Partner Relations Assistant at a non-profit organization. In this role, she helps service partners in the lead up to their events - mainly ensuring that the promises in the contracts are fulfilled. During her time in UBC, Nina was involved with the Science Orientation Program as an Orientation Leader and Senior Orientation Leader, the Science Undergraduate Society as a part of the First Year Committee and AVP Internal. She also spent time as a Peer Advisor in Science Advising as well as a Assistant Director and Director in the UBC Recreation Intramurals program. Later this fall, Nina plans to pursue studies in Data Science through a bootcamp! 

Jamil Rhajiak 
BSc in Geological Sciences

Jamil completed his BSc in Geological Sciences in 2009 and spent much of his undergraduate program involved with different clubs and organizations, including the Science Undergraduate Society and UBC Recreation). After graduation he promptly found employment in an entirely different field and started a career journey as a staff member at UBC. Working across student affairs, communications, and marketing Jamil is currently the Manager, Brand Communications for UBC. Outside of work Jamil loves spending time with his family, hiking, cycling, and photography.

Leyla Salmi
BSc in Biology and Spanish 

Leyla graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in biology and Spanish in 2016. Leyla then pursued a law degree from the University of Victoria. Leyla now practices construction litigation at a regional law firm in Vancouver. During her studies at UBC, Leyla was actively involved with student initiatives including Peer Programs, the UBC Student Conference, and the UBC Trek Program. Leyla also participated in the on-campus work-learn program working for the Faculty of Dentistry, the UBC Tandem Language Learning program, and as a student coordinator for the UBC Jump Start program for incoming international students. 

Armandeep Sidhu
BSc in Chemistry
Minor in Commerce 

Armandeep grew up in the Okanagan and decided to move to Vancouver to complete her BSc degree, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Commerce. During her time at UBC, she was involved with the Science Undergraduate Society, Faculty of Science, UBC Orientations, UBC Cancer Association & SCI Team. She also completed a co-op term as the Science Student Development Associate and supported the planning of Imagine Day at UBC for Science students. After completing her undergrad, Armandeep decided to pursue the commerce side of her degree and moved on to the Diploma in Accounting program at UBC. She worked at PwC to gain accounting experience and obtained her CPA designation. Currently, Armandeep is a Finance Manager at Fraser Health and has been able to combine her passion for healthcare and finance. 

Ales Skala
BSc in Biochemistry
BSc in Behavioural Neuroscience

Ales graduated with a B.Sc. Major in Biochemistry in 2017 and B.Sc. Major in Behavioural Neuroscience in 2019, and is currently a first year law student in the J.D. program at UBC. After graduating from the B.Sc., Ales worked at UBC Science Advising, where he started as a student worker through the Work Learn program. While pursuing the B.Sc., Ales was involved with UBC Peer Programs through the Reading Week program and as a Science Peer Academic Coach. He also worked a variety of on-campus jobs including with Conferences and Accommodations, as a residence advisor with Student Housing, and as a teaching assistant in the Departments of Chemistry and Psychology. In the community, Ales has worked at Science World and volunteered with Genome BC.

Sandra Wan
BSc in Biochemistry 

Sandra completed her BSc in 2015 (majoring in Biochemistry and a minor in Commerce) and her Master of Education in Adult Learning and Education in 2020. After graduating from her undergraduate degree, she has been working at UBC in different student affair roles ranging from academic advising and program management, to implementing large scale events, to facilitating walvinork and undergraduate research opportunities that contribute towards career learning and the overall student experience. Currently, she is working as the Manager, Special Projects, at Enrolment Services, responsible for supporting the transition to Workday Student, the new student information system for UBC. 

Evan Warner
BSc in Evolutionary Biology  

My name is Evan Warner, and I graduated in 2023 with a PhD in Genomic Science and Technology from the Integrated Sciences Program at UBC. My work involves the use of a minimally-invasive blood draw (known as a "liquid biopsy") to sample fragmented DNA shed by dying tumor cells into the bloodstream. This novel technology is useful for analyzing genetic material from tumors without the need for an invasive needle biopsy. My graduate studies at UBC were centered on understanding the disruption of genes responsible for the repair of damaged DNA, exploring how mutations and epigenetic changes can drive rapid disease progression and treatment resistance. I am currently a Bioinformatics Scientist at Guardant Health Inc., a leading precision oncology company that leverages liquid biopsy technology to advance cancer research, improve patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs across all stages of the cancer care continuum. 

Taylor Wright
BSc in Chemistry 

I completed my BSc in Chemistry at UBC in 2017, followed by my PhD in Chemistry at UBC in 2022 with a focus on polymer science. I now work as the Circularity Innovation Manager at Lululemon, building partnerships with academic institutions and start-ups to bring sustainable technologies into the textile industry. My focus is on technologies that can decarbonize our global supply chain, either through synthetic biology or recycling processes. 

Christina Wong
BSc in Chemistry  

Christina graduated with a BSc Major in Chemistry in 2016. The BSc degree taught her resilience, and invaluable problem-solving and critical thinking skills that she uses to this day. It also provided the life-changing opportunities to experience two international co-op work placements in the USA and in Germany. After the BSc, she spent several years working in the UBC Department of Chemistry as the Lab Technician in the Analytical Chemistry Teaching Labs. There she realized that her favorite part of her job was her interactions with students, and in 2022 she made the switch to her current role as Associate Academic Advisor with the UBC Faculty of Science. She recently graduated with a Master of Education in Adult Learning and Education from UBC this past November. Outside of work Christina can be found at the local climbing gym or the curling rink. 

Jason Yen
BSc in Cognitive Systems 

Jason earned his BSc in Cognitive Systems from UBC in 2017. Following graduation, he diversified his professional experience across different sectors, working in roles ranging from research assistant at UBC to personal banking with TD and enterprise tech sales at Hootsuite. This diverse journey culminated in his current position as an Associate at RBCx, RBC's technology banking and innovation division, where he specializes in supporting life sciences and healthcare companies. 

Chantane Yeung
BSc in Integrated Sciences (psychology and genetics) 

Chantane graduated in May 2020 with a BSc in Integrated Sciences (psychology and genetics). She then completed the Clinical Genetics Technology, Advanced Diploma program at BCIT the following year and also received her CSMLS certification. She worked as a clinical genetics technologist for a year before deciding to pursue a career switch. She now currently works at WorkSafeBC as a Wage Rate Officer. 


Alumnus Accomplishments

Nishal Kumar
BSc in Geophysics and Commerce

Nishal Kumar is the CEO & Founder of No Days Wasted - a wellness company that makes science-backed supplements to help you achieve balance and feel your best. No Days Wasted focuses on solving problems around recovery, hydration, immune support and sleep. Nishal was also one of the original 8 employees for Tesla in Western Canada in 2014, founded EVitems - an aftermarket parts company for Tesla vehicles, and worked as Geophysicist in Vancouver. He has a BSc. in Geophysics and Commerce, and graduated from UBC in 2015. Nishal has also been featured on Dragons' Den, in Forbes and The Globe & Mail. 

Rei Van
BSc in Environmental Science
Minor in French 

Hi! My name is Rei and I was born and raised in Vancouver. Not knowing what to do in the science field, I stumbled upon my high school passion: protecting the environment and building a community. I eventually found out that UBC Sciences offered Environmental Sciences. It was the best choice ever because I didn't know that applied sciences was a great fit for me. I graduated from the BSC Environmental Science program (with a minor in French) in 2016. I travelled for a year while supporting myself with a part-time server job. Then I eventually I ended up in the government field. For 3.5 years, I worked alongside Environmental Regulation and Enforcement officers within the Metro Vancouver region, and I've been an officer in the liquid waste regulatory program ever since 2021. 


Antony Wang
BSc in Integrated Sciences 

Antony Wang graduated from UBC in May 2018 with a BSc, majoring in Integrated Sciences and minoring in Commerce. With over six years in the financial services industry, Antony is a results-oriented leader with a proven track record of leading and coaching high-performing teams that consistently deliver on business objectives. He is currently an Assistant Branch Manager of a flagship branch at RBC Royal Bank – Canada’s biggest bank and one of the largest banks in the world based on market capitalization. At RBC, Antony sits on the BC Regional Cabinet of the RBC Pride Employee Resource Group and was recently awarded with one of RBC’s highest employee honours – the RBC Global Citizen Award – with 75 recipients out of 97,000+ employees each year. Outside of work, Antony serves on the board of directors for a non-profit organization, Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, in Richmond, BC. 

(Sybil) Chuxi Zhang
BSc in Earth and Ocean Science

Sybil is a trilingual marketing guru with a demonstrated history of working in tech education and sustainability development. She is skilled in Campaign Management, Event Planning, and Social Media Marketing. Strong business development professional with a BSC. in Earth and Ocean Science and a Master's degree in Intergraded Marketing Communication. Sybil was involved in building entrepreneurship programs with SFU VentureLabs, led 200-people hackathons including Eduhacks, XdHacks, and HackBJ. She was invited as a guest speaker at the Education Expo in Canton, member and event host of South China University of Technology 2nd Generation Alumni Association and Bravo Youth. Experienced working with innovators and definitely thrives in people-oriented environments. Currently, she works at Fraser Basin Council, a non-profit organization that brings people together to advance sustainability across British Columbia. 

Alumnus Accomplishments

Bikram Adhikari
MSc in Computer Science  

Bikram continues to serve as a founder of  Nētly  AI, MoonKo Research, #projectCoSys, The Reading Revellers and People in AI: PAI. He is enthusiastic, passionate and purpose driven at any work that he takes on. Academically trained in software engineering and entrepreneurship, he likes to take on unforeseen challenges in pursuit of novel knowledge. Outside of his professional life, he loves to spend time with his family, write and play folk music. 

Sally Bagk
BSc in Statistics 

Sally brings over five years of experience from Electronic Arts, specializing in Data Analytics and managing diverse projects. With a Statistics degree from the University of British Columbia, she is passionate about extracting insights from data and guiding her team in making data-driven decisions to enhance the gaming experience for players. In her previous role, she served as the manager of the analytics team for FIFA Mobile, a globally popular game with millions of active players. Currently, her focus is on Player Safety and Inclusion for EA's game portfolio, ensuring a positive gaming experience by addressing toxicity, harassment, and spam through informed decision-making using data analytics. She looks forward to engaging with you, sharing insights, and inspiring your interest in the realms of data analytics, product management and video games. 

Shaun Dychko
BSc in Physics 

Shaun is the creator of websites College Physics Answers and Giancoli Answers, both teaching physics problem solving using screencast video solutions to textbook problems. He has a B.Sc. in physics, and a B.Ed. in secondary education, both from UBC. Shaun has 11 years of experience teaching physics, science and math with the Vancouver School Board.   

Hatim Hanafi
BSc in Microbiology
and Immunology 

I graduated from UBC with my BSc in Microbiology & Immunology through the International Scholars program. After graduating, I worked in Strategy Consulting in Healthcare at Deloitte before branching into broader Strategy Consulting across industries. I then moved into the tech space working in Strategy, Planning and Program Management at a departmental and corporate level. My most recent experience has been on a Strategy and Data team at Microsoft using data to drive strategic decision making. 

Alvin Hartono
BSc in Integrated Sciences,
Minor in Commerce 

I'm a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in both marketing and tech roles, complemented by my certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP). Throughout my career, I've found my unique strength in driving change within organizations by leading and influencing teams towards a shared vision. I'm a passionate traveler and have a deep appreciation for the exploration and discovery that come with visiting new countries. This love of travel extends to my interests in photography and food, offering me different perspectives and enriching my understanding of various cultures. I’ll be a digital nomad traveling Europe this year! 

Cameron Herberts
BSc in Biophysics 

Cameron is a 5th-year PhD Candidate in Dr. Alexander Wyatt’s laboratory at the Vancouver Prostate Centre and University of British Columbia, having previously obtained a degree in biophysics from the same institution. Cameron’s research leverages genomic profiling to accelerate personalized clinical management strategies for advanced prostate cancer, with emphasis on ctDNA and tumor-tissue analysis and novel bioinformatic method development. 

Michelle Kwan 
Combined Major in Computer Science and Math

Michelle is a Data Analytics Manager at BC Hydro and has been been with the company for over 10 years working with data relating to customer energy usage, electricity reliability, asset health, and marketing. She enjoys working in data analytics because she gets to use both her analytical and creative side. Michelle is passionate about building innovative dashboards to highlight insights to support the business in making data-driven decisions. 

Lauren Lee
Combined Major in
Mathematics and Psychology 

I work at UBC in Human Resources as the Workplace Wellbeing Associate. In my role, I support the health and wellbeing of staff and faculty through coordinating wellness workshops and events, promoting workplace mental health resources, and assisting employees in accessing counselling programs and employee benefits. My journey in health promotion began as an undergraduate volunteer at the UBC Wellness Centre, where I enhanced student wellbeing through peer support, workshops and events. My areas of interest include mental health literacy, women’s health, and equity, diversity, and inclusion. I chose this field because I am passionate about helping others thrive and live meaningful lives. I graduated from UBC in 2021 with a combined Major in Mathematics and Psychology. 

Tianyu Li
BSc in Physics

I graduated from UBC Physics with focus on semiconductors. My career started working an electrical engineering position at my family business but have since transitioned into business development helping the company expand and develop new technologies to meet new needs in the industrial automation industry. Outside this main job, I also lead two startup projects on the side. One in the smart fitness industry and one in the animation industry. 

Nikolay Shenkov
MSc in Physics 

At UBC I did an MSc in Physics in a brain imaging lab. It involved a lot of data analysis, programming and modeling. After graduation I worked as a data scientist in various industries: online education, and home energy monitoring company. I am now still a data scientist but I work in fraud detection. 

Siong Ng
BSc in Physics 

Siong Ng holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physics, specializing in experimental particle physics. He pivoted from physics and joined the software industry as a Software Test Engineer with ALI Technologies. He switched his career focus from technical to business management. He spent the last 20 years in the medical imaging industry, building enterprise informatics system and AI-enabled solutions for adoption in the healthcare environment. 

(Leo) Zhu Wei Zhang
BSc in Combined Major
in Statistics and Economics 

During my time at UBC, I completed a combined major in statistics and economics and a minor in commerce. Post graduation, I enrolled in the DAP program in the Sauder school of Business - UBC to enhance my knowledge in the business field. I currently work as the Equity Research Sector Leader - TMT at Tegus Inc, a financial platform company that provides investment related insights to portfolio managers and hedge fund analysts. The analytical approach I gained through the BSc. degree had a huge impact on my career growth and despite not taking a traditional science path, I am grateful for what I learned during my time at UBC. 

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