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Students in the BSc program can pursue a dual degree in Science and Arts, Science and Music, or Science and Education.

These programs offer qualified students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science and a parallel degree in most combinations of one Science major program and one other major program. Students cannot pursue a double major or minor in either faculty. Most combinations can be completed in four and one-half to five and one-half winter sessions.

Students must satisfy all of the degree and program requirements for both one major in the Science degree and one major in the second degree. Admission to specializations within Science may be competitive and admission to the dual degree program does not imply future admission to particular specializations. Acceptance into the program will be determined based on a review of both the applicant's transcript and a statement of academic purpose. Entry into and continuation of a dual degree program requires that the student remain in good academic standing. Dual degrees are not open to students with a previous degree.

Students completing a BSc major in one of the following disciplines may not also complete a BA major in the same discipline: computer science, geography, mathematics, mathematical sciences, and psychology.