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Students in the BSc program can pursue a dual degree in:

  • Science and Arts (BSc and BA) 
  • Science and Music (BSc and BMus)
  • Science and Education (BSc and BEd)
  • Science and Master of Management (BSc and MM)

The BSc and Arts components will be either a Major or Combined Major (e.g., not an Honours or Combined Honours and not a Minor).

Only Majors in Mathematics or Physics are eligible for the Dual Degree Science and Education option.

Students in the Science and Master of Management (BSc-MM) option complete some of the MM courses concurrently with the BSc and then are assessed for eligibility to enter the MM and complete the remaining requirements upon graduation with the BSc degree.

Important Information

  • Dual degrees are not open to students with a previous degree
  • Students must satisfy all of the degree and specialization requirements for both degrees
  • Admission to specializations within Science may be competitive and admission to the dual degree program does not imply future admission to particular specializations
  • Entry into and continuation of a dual degree option requires that the student remain in good academic standing

Students completing a BSc major in one of the following disciplines may not also complete a BA major in the same discipline: behavioural neuroscience (psychology), cognitive systems, computer science, geographical sciences (geography), mathematics, mathematical sciences, mathematics and economics, and statistics and economics.

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