UBC Science researchers receive $7 million in NSERC funding

UBC Science researchers receive $7 million in NSERC funding

Thirty-three UBC Science faculty members received a total of $7 million in Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery Grants to support long-term research goals for individual researchers for up to five years. This comes from a total of 85 projects across UBC awarded for $16.9 million.

“The Discovery Grants Program is truly the NSERC’s funding flagship. It is our largest program, in terms of both overall investment and number of recipients. What’s more, it provides researchers with a predictable, long-term foundation of support as they explore and push back the frontiers of knowledge,” says Alejandro Adem, President of NSERC.

The NSERC Discovery Grants program is part of a larger federal initiative that invested more than $635 million in funding for research grant programs.

UBC Science recipients include researchers from Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Math, Microbiology and Immunology, Michael Smith Labs, Physics and Astronomy, Statistics, and Zoology.

New Projects Include:

Alternative Splicing of Duplicated Genes in Polyploid Brassica napus

Keith Adams (Botany)
Total Funding: $325,000

Green Chemistry using Early Transition Metal Catalysts for the Synthesis of Small Molecules

Laurel Schafer (Chemistry)
Total Funding: $395,000

Mitigating Side-Channel Leaks in Next-Generation Cloud Systems

Aastha Mehta (Computer Science)
Total Funding: $145,000

Geophysical Investigations of Mars and Mercury

Catherine Johnson (Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences)
Total Funding: $475,000

Mathematical Aspects of Atomistic and Multiscale Modelling

Christoph Ortner (Math)
Total Funding: $240,000

Maintaining plant immune homeostasis in the rhizosphere microbiome

Cara Haney (Microbiology and Immunology)
Total Funding: $325,000

The Rise and Fall of Star Formation in Galaxies

Allison Man (Physics and Astronomy)
Total Funding: $195,000

Regularization and approximation: statistical inference, model selection, and large data

Daniel McDonald (Statistics)
Total Funding: $135,000

Evolution of species interactions in adaptive radiation

Dolph Schluter (Zoology)
Total Funding: $475,000

The Discovery Grants Program provides researchers with a predictable, long-term foundation of support.

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