Improve your science classroom

UBC Let's Talk Science Rural Trips

Have a scientist visit your rural and remote school in BC and the Yukon and engage students in hands-on science activities.

UBC Let's Talk Science DTES SMaRT Program

UBC volunteers visit classrooms in the Downtown Eastside and lead students in fun, hands-on activities that complement the grades’ specific science curriculum.

UBC Let's Talk Science Teacher Partnership Program

The Teacher Partnership Program (TPP) pairs a volunteer scientist with a teacher in the Vancouver community. This program exposes the students to a working scientist and helps the teacher supplement the class's science curriculum.

Scientists and Professors in Residence in Rural Schools

UBC's Scientist in Residence program offers engaging science demonstrations to students and teachers in rural communities and small towns and cities. Graduate students from UBC Science department visit communities and interact with students and teachers at schools, inspiring young minds and refreshing teachers’ interests in science education. The programming combines hands-on activities and shows for the students to engage them and inspire their interest in science as it applies to our current world.

In Service Math Teacher Initiatives

Two UBC Mathematics faculty (Mark MacLean and Wayne Nagata) initiated a Teachers Circle on Aboriginal Mathematics Education to explore various mathematics topics encountered in teaching. The goal is to support the teachers as they learn to implement effective teaching strategies for Aboriginal students.

C21 - Physics Teaching for the 21st Century

Physics Teaching for the 21st Century is a resource for teachers who are interested in teaching physics concepts in real-world contexts. C21 provides articles, take-home experiments, lecture notes, problem sets and data sheets that allow teachers to relate physics concepts to their students with practical, relatable and realistic examples.

Earth Science Teacher Workshops

The PME holds dedicated one-day teacher workshops once a year. Topics include the Solar System, rocks and minerals, fossils and geological time, earthquakes, volcanoes and oceans. A fun day of lectures and activities!

Physics Teacher Workshops

Designed for both physics teachers and science teachers in general, the UBC Physics professional development workshop series was launched in 2008. Workshops feature hands-on activities that teachers can take back to the classroom immediately. Involves a modest supply fee. The UBC Physics and Astronomy Outreach Program offers professional development workshops 1-2 times a year. These workshops are designed for both physics teachers and for teachers of all sciences.

Most Exceptional Escapades in Science (High School Conference)

MSL's educational facilities offer two-day conferences for science teachers. Teachers interact with scientists, participate in science literacy activities, collaborate with other teachers, and build interactive activities for the classroom. Showcases various scientific pursuits, including the opportunity for you to engage in hands-on activities, as well as interact with some of the most prominent scientists in the world.