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Your academic standing is based on your sessional average. Most students will be in good standing, but some may be assessed Academic Probation or Failed Session.

You can view the General Academic Regulations, or the standings table for Faculty of Science undergraduate students in the UBC Academic Calendar.

After the Winter session, along with being assessed an academic standing, your eligibility to register in the next Winter session will be assessed. Good standing automatically generates an eligibility to continue; students on probation are given an opportunity to improve their standing and are permitted to continue. Repeated poor performance may result in a requirement to discontinue your studies in the Faculty of Science, at least for a time. This is to give you an opportunity to resolve your challenges so they no longer impact your academics.

If you’re assessed a “Required to Withdraw” or “Required to Discontinue”, it’s normal to have questions, including whether an appeal is right for you. As part of sessional evaluation, Science Advising will email you with the info you need to know. Advising will provide guidance on:

  • Options for what to do during your time away from UBC
  • How to plan to successfully resume your studies (within a year or beyond) and how to apply for readmission
  • How to appeal the decision this year
  • Specific points if you are required to discontinue due to promotion issues rather than failed standing

In many cases, time away to deal effectively with personal issues is the best way to achieve long-term success, especially if you are dealing with difficult personal issues. Once you feel confident that has been accomplished, consider whether you’re ready and interested in resuming your academic studies. Is UBC the best option for you or are there better paths? If you wish to resume studies at UBC Science you’ll need to apply for readmission via the SSC. You must meet the same application deadlines required for all applicants to UBC Science.

  • Students who have completed 60 credits or fewer are required to earn 21 transferable credits at a post-secondary institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on all credits, calculated on all university-transfer work attempted after the student has left UBC. See the BC Transfer Guide for guidance on the selection of college courses and the credits that UBC would grant for them from a BC post-secondary institution
  • If you're transferring credits or adding to your already transferred credits, there is a limit. It is 50% of the total required for the degree (usually 60 credits for a 120-credit BSc with a major. Only first- and second-year courses will potentially receive transfer credit. Upper-level credits (300-level or above) must be taken at UBC or on an official Go Global exchange program.
  • There is a limit of 180 credits you can attempt (passed or failed, whether at UBC or elsewhere) while earning your BSc degree at UBC. Additionally, you are expected to be promoted to the next year level when you reach or exceed specific credit thresholds. If you can't reasonably expect to earn a degree within those credit limits, you will not be readmitted

After you have submitted your online application to UBC Undergraduate Admissions, you will receive a link where you can upload additional documents. Use that link to upload your completed UBC Science Re-admission Supplemental Form and any additional documentation. The reviewers will be looking for evidence that the changes you have made would likely lead to academic success, and that you have a good understanding of the remaining degree requirements - any and all evidence of your ability to succeed at the university level will be taken into account. A written self-assessment and a reasoned academic plan are among the items that will be reviewed.

Students who are required to discontinue or withdraw from UBC Science following sessional evaluation have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals are considered by the Faculty of Science Admissions, Adjudication and Appeals Committee in the summer. Appeal deadlines are included in the email you receive notifying you of the winter sessional evaluation decision.

Successful appeals must meet a high threshold

The Committee places high value on academic excellence, and will not be easily convinced to change the evaluation decision. In many cases, time away will permit you to deal with personal issues, enabling you to achieve long-term success. Your appeal should address how the issues that hindered your success have been addressed in a way that will prevent a recurrence. A simple note from a physician stating that you were ill on a certain date or dates but are now feeling better will not convince the Committee.

Appeal decisions will come after registration opens

The Committee will review appeals starting in mid-July, and decisions will not be made until after the initial registration for the next winter session. This means it will be challenging, but not impossible, for you to plan your course selection should an appeal be successful. Please take that into consideration when deciding whether or not to appeal.

How to submit your appeal

Complete the Appeal Form below. Be sure to note the deadline specified in the email notifying you of the winter sessional evaluation decision of a requirement to discontinue or withdraw. Appeals received after the deadline will not be reviewed. Prepare all of your answers and related documents before you start inputting your appeal into the form. 

UBC Science Appeal for Permission to Continue Form

The requirements for admission into a Faculty other than Science at UBC Vancouver may differ from those above. If your academic interests change, consult your Enrolment Services Advisor as well as the appropriate Advising Office before applying.

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