Trying to re-register in a course in term 2?

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If you are trying to register in a course that you attempted in term 1 (and did not pass or have a W standing), you may not be able to register yourself into the same course in term 2. Here's what you need to do:

1. Check if there are available seats in the course and try to register yourself:​

  • If that worked, congratulations!
  • If you get an error message (for example, a "grade or standing already exists for another section of this course"), continue to #2)

2. Check the website of the department offering the course to see if they provide any information about registering in that course. If so, follow the instructions that they have provided.

3. If there aren't specific instructions on the department website, contact them to request their help to manually register you. When you've reviewed the information on the website, if you still have questions, you can drop in to Science Advising.

Important Considerations

  • Ensure that adding this course will not exceed your credit limit for the term or session.
  • If the scheduled time for this course conflicts with another registered course, drop yourself from the other course before submitting the signed form.
  • We will not add you to a course if it is full, unless we are given explicit permission from the course instructor/department (they could indicate this on the Change of Registration form).