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How to Change Your Specialization

During your degree, you might find that the specialization you are in is no longer the one that you want. There are a variety of reasons why you might explore switching your specialization – maybe you’ve changed your mind about the scientific discipline you want to study or you didn’t get into your first choice when you applied in second year. Whatever the reason, switching specializations takes some research and planning. 

Science Alumni Profile: Iyad - Integrated Sciences, '14

UBC Science alumni have gone on to build meaningful and fulfilling careers in sectors around the world. Our conversations with alumni have told us that your journey through Science and beyond isn’t a linear path but a complex navigation of right and left turns, and even some dead-ends, that will eventually lead you to where you're meant to be.

Our Science Alumni Spotlight Series will show you the breadth of career paths that UBC Science alumni have pursued, and offer a fresh perspective on new opportunities to discover.

A Letter to Students Regarding Academic Integrity

As you know, we have all had to adapt to new teaching and learning practices in the face of a global health pandemic.  We recognize that this has created significant challenges, both for students and instructors, as we navigate uncharted terrain and explore new approaches to remain digitally connected. Over the past few months, instructors at UBC Science have put enormous effort into developing virtual resources so that we can continue providing you with a world-class science education. We remain firmly committed to this educational mission.