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Applying for Alternate Format Assessments for Online Courses

For many online Science courses in 2021 winter session, students are expected to complete major assessments (e.g. midterm, final exam/assignment) in-person. There may be circumstances under which a student is prevented from coming to campus to complete these assessments. In this case, you must apply for an alternate format exam. Students in the local Vancouver area will generally not be eligible for this academic concession for reasons related to distance to campus.

International Student Survey - August 2021

If you're an international BSc or BCS student who has registered for courses in the 2021 Winter Session, you will receive a request on August 7 to complete a survey to help us plan for your return to Canada and to in-person studies. This survey has gone out to most undergraduate international students at UBC and you can see an example of the email below.

It is essential that you complete the survey so that we can get a sense of your plans for arrival/return and what challenges you’re anticipating that you may encounter. 

How to Change Your Specialization

During your degree, you might find that the specialization you are in is no longer the one that you want. There are a variety of reasons why you might explore switching your specialization – maybe you’ve changed your mind about the scientific discipline you want to study or you didn’t get into your first choice when you applied in second year. Whatever the reason, switching specializations takes some research and planning.