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Students currently registered at UBC require prior written approval -- a Letter of Permission (aka LOP) -- in order to take courses for credit towards their BSc at another institution by correspondence, evening, summer, or regular session class. UBC Science has no obligation to grant any transfer credit unless a LOP has been obtained in advance.

When you have been accepted as a student at UBC, we expect you to complete your coursework at UBC. For students in the Bachelor of Science, permission will not be granted when the requested course is required for the program of study (including your lower-level English and Science requirements). Coursework in Arts, Applied Science or other disciplines are good candidates for obtaining letters of permission.

Review the relevant information about Studies at Other Post Secondary Institutions: Letter of Permission in the Academic Calendar

In general, letters of permission are issued only for students in good standing, taking lower-level non-Science courses at an accredited institution outside the Metro Vancouver area.

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Here is what we consider in making the decision to approve an LOP request:

  • Are you in good academic standing?
    Students who are on academic probation or had a failed session in the current or prior academic year (September to August) will not be approved for an LOP. First-year students are expected to hold an average of 68% or higher in the first term coursework if second-term marks are not yet available.
  • Is the course part of your faculty or department course-specific requirements?
    Only lower-level electives will be considered for LOPs. Science, required, and upper-level courses must all be completed at UBC.
  • Is the institution accredited? Is it a Go Global Partner University?
    Credit will only be granted for academic study at recognized post-secondary institutions. Permission to study at one of UBC's Go Global exchange partner institutions is obtained through a separate application process (see Go Global Student Exchange). 
  • Is the institution located outside the Lower Mainland?
    Proximity to your home or lower cost are not sufficient reasons for taking a course elsewhere. Note: The eastern boundary for this is Langley-Maple Ridge. Abbotsford is not considered part of the Lower Mainland for this purpose.