UBC Science Occupational Health and Safety

First Aid at UBC Vancouver

Faculty, staff and student-staff at UBC Vancouver can enlist the help of Occupational First Aid, 24 hours a day, by calling 604-822-4444 or 2-4444. Students and visitors can request first aid at UBC Hospital’s Student Health Services and by calling 911. In the event of a medical emergency call 911 first and then Occupational First Aid. Units can download first aid posters for workspaces here and here.

Report an Incident

According to WorkSafeBC, a preliminary report for all incidents must be filed within 48 hours and a final report within 30 days.

What is the UBC Science Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee?

A JOHSC is an advisory group of employers and employees working together to improve health and safety in their workplace. The JOHSC advises, assists and makes recommendations on policy and procedures which will improve health, safety and personal security of all workers. The UBC Science JOHSC works with unit-level Local Safety Teams (LSTs) by supporting health and safety issues that may not be rectified at the local level.


Safe Work Procedures

Risk Assessments

Safety Training

Safeguarding Science Online

Best Practices for Working Offsite

It's important to have a field safety plan that considers the following when you're working offsite.


Whenever possible use a rental vehicle or UBC-owned vehicle. If using a rental vehicle, ensure you have third-party liability coverage through a credit card, UBC or the rental agency.


UBC has student accident insurance that can be purchased and it's always a good idea for someone in the group to have first aid training for minor injury or illness.

Working from Home

It's important to take the time to set up your home workstations to support working efficiently, comfortably and safely. Visit UBC HR's Office Ergonomics website for resources for setting up your space and stretching.

Campus-Wide Safety

More About the UBC Science JOHSC

Local Safety Teams at UBC Science

LSTs support health and safety at UBC by conducting inspections, identifying and recommending corrective measures regarding unsafe working conditions, assisting with incident/accident investigations, and recommending health and safety initiatives for their areas. In the absence of an LST, the JOHSC will assume full responsibility.

Contact the UBC Science JOHSC

Glenn Sammis, Co-Chair
Phone: 604-827-4080

Kate Blackburn Co-Chair, CUPE 2950
Phone: 604-822-33365