Jozsef Solymosi Receives 2008 CRM Andre-Aisenstadt Prize

Le Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM) has awarded the 2008 Andre-Aisenstadt Prize to mathematician Jozsef Solymosi.

The Prize recognizes outstanding research achievements by a young Canadian mathematician in pure or applied mathematics. According to CRM’s announcement, each member of the selection committee was struck by the extraordinary efficiency and elegance of Solymosi's results at the cutting edge of a new field, additive combinatorics.

Solymosi now joins four of his colleagues in the department of Mathematics, who have won this national prize in the mathematical sciences in recent years: Jinyi Chen (2002), Vinayak Vatsal (2004), Tai-Peng Tsai (2006), and Alexander Holroyd (2007). Find out about how Solymosi finds Regularity in Randomness in our 1|2007-edition of Synergy.