Funding bolsters tissue repair, spinal cord and chronic pain research at UBC Science

UBC researchers receive $6.12 million in research funding

UBC researchers in Zoology, Chemistry and the Michael Smith Laboratories have received $6.12 million in research funding to investigate a range of health areas, including tissue repair, spinal cord injury and chronic pain.

The fund was awarded today through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) project grant fall competition. The round of investments approved 417 research grants across Canada, totalling approximately $325 million. In total, UBC researchers are leading 61 projects awarded almost $36 million through the CIHR competition this fall. 

UBC Science funded projects

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of lactic acid taste in flies and disease-vectoring mosquitoes
Principal Investigator: Gordon, Michael (Zoology)
Funding Amount: $604,350 (5 years)

The Molecular Mechanism of the Secretion of the Bacterial Toxin Adenylate Cyclase
Principal Investigator: Li, Hongbin (Chemistry)
Funding Amount: $726,750 (5 years)

Regeneration at your fingertips: mechanisms determining mesenchymal tissue repair versus fibrosis
Principal Investigator: Miller, Freda D (Michael Smith Laboratories)
Funding Amount: $1,002,915 (5 years)

Elucidating the roles of gap junction and zonula occludens proteins as regulators of synapse number and position
Principal Investigator: Mizumoto, Kota (Zoology)
Funding Amount: $665,550 (5 years)

Dual Isotope Theranostics for 18F-PET imaging and correlated targeted radioligand therapy
Principal Investigator: Perrin, David (Chemistry)
Funding Amount: $1,139,850 (5 years)

Design and preclinical development of selective T-type calcium channel blockers for chronic pain
Principal Investigator: Snutch, Terrance (Michael Smith Laboratories)
Funding Amount: $795,599 (3 years)

Metabolic treatment for chronic spinal cord injury in rodents
Principal Investigator: Tetzlaff, Wolfram (Zoology)
Funding Amount: $1,185,750 (5 years)

CIHR is Canada's federal funding agency for health research. Composed of 13 Institutes, it collaborates with partners and researchers to support discoveries and innovations that improve health and strengthen Canada’s health care system.