UBC Women in Science


International Day of Women and Girls in Science takes place every year on February 11. Spearheaded by the United Nations, this day promotes full and equal access to participation in science, technology, and innovation for women and girls. The Faculty of Science is supporting this day by featuring ten inspiring women researchers who are making their mark at UBC and beyond. 

Physics and Astronomy, PhD Student

Anna Hughes

“One of the most exciting things about my research is that it’s taking us into a new frontier.”

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Chemistry, PhD student

Alyssa Henderson

“The most amazing thing about being a scientist is the fact that your job is to figure things out about the world we live in.”

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Institute for the Ocean and Fisheries + EOAS, MSc Student

Vanessa Fladmark

“The only thing stopping you is you: once you get out of your own way an entire universe of possibilities opens up.”

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MSL + Botany, Researcher

Xin Li

“When you discover something that nobody else in the world knows, the happiness is immeasurable. Those eureka moments drove me further into science.”

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Computer Science Researcher and VP, Research and Innovation

Gail Murphy

“Excellence comes from diversity. By bringing multiple perspectives together and valuing the different viewpoints, we can truly think about problems in new ways.”

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IRES, Researcher

Amanda Giang

"It’s important that we support women (and other identities that are underrepresented) in not only choosing this field, but staying in it."

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Microbiology and Immunology, PhD Student

Isobel Mouat

“...how does the timing work when you’re in a career path that just progressively gets more and more intense?” 

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Zoology, Researcher

Diane Srivastava

“Science is part of society, and every barrier that affects women in society affect women as scientists."

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Mathematics, Researcher

Malabika Pramanik

"If you like what you do, stick with it. Do not give up because the culture made you feel less capable."

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Sea Around Us, Researcher

Deng Palomares

“To succeed as a researcher, put in the time to learn the right things and commit yourself to excellence.”

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Women in Science 2020

Discover 10 reasons why women love science

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A range of WiS initiatives at UBC Science are sponsored in memory of Dr. Vivien M. Srivastava, the first woman to receive a PhD in Zoology at UBC. Learn more about the Vivien M. Srivastava Memorial Endowment Fund.