UBC Science Visual Identity

Planning your communication project

Templates, tools and resources for planning your communication efforts, whether an overarching plan or a single project.

UBC Science regalia blue colour codes

Pantone Solid Coated 660 C Pantone Solid Uncoated 2173 U
Pantone Metallic 8202 C  
78, 31, 0, 27 41, 128, 185
HEX Web Safe
#2980b9 #3399cc
UBC blue colour guide

UBC Science crests, signatures, swag mark

Faculty of Science formal wide

Signature with full faculty name and UBC crest. Use on formal pieces that don't already feature a UBC crest and signature.

UBC Science informal wordmark

Informal word-mark without crest or full faculty name. Use on pieces that already incorporate the UBC crest.

UBC Science informal + URL

Informal word-mark without UBC crest or full faculty name. URL added. Ideal for swag and promotional items.

Unit crests, signatures, informal wordmarks

Line art motifs: New VI

Custom UBC Science line art for use as overlays and underlays in visual assets, websites. Please contact UBC Science communications before using.


Imagery is infinitely more powerful than words in communicating a message. The Faculty of Science and UBC have growing collections of images you can use for your projects.

Video production

Tail features UBC Science word-mark and URL. Title features motion chevron. Required.

Brochure templates

Files linked here require Adobe Indesign.

Banner templates

Files linked here require Adobe Illustrator.