Connect and Focus Guidelines

Do you want to share your research with a wider audience, going beyond the usual press release? We publish the UBC Science Connect newsletter five times a year and maintain Focus, an online science magazine. 


This UBC Science magazine publishes both longer 'feature' stories and shorter blog posts, zeroing in on the research taking place around our faculty. Researchers can contribute to Focus as guest bloggers year round or may suggest an idea for a story. Our ideal blog post uses engaging, approachable language to provide insights on science. Blog posts are around 500-1000 words long and we provide editorial support to make your writing shine. Interested in contributing? Contact Geoff Gilliard at  


UBC Science Connect

Thanks for your interest in UBC Science Connect, our alumni newsletter sent out five times a year.

A Connect story:

  • Is about 50 words long. Brevity is the soul of wit!
  • Comes with a picture measuring at least 300 x 300 pixels.
  • Links to a webpage which contains more information.

Kudos and Events

We have a section called Kudos, which includes one-line items highlighting new appointments and awards. Kudos don’t require a photograph and should be no longer than 25 words.

Each issue of Connect we highlight three upcoming events. Event notices are up to 15 words long, include a photograph and a hyperlink.


You can submit Connect stories to Geoff Gilliard at Stories should be sent 2-4 weeks in advance for inclusion in the next issue of Connect. If you have several items for inclusion send them all in a single e-mail as an attached Word file with hyperlinks. Also attach photos. 

We may not include all items in Connect.

Connect Schedule

  • January 2022
  • March 2022

Sample Connect

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