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Volunteer! As a UBC Science alumnus, you have a lot to offer.

UBC Science is looking for alumni from all disciplines and degrees to volunteer at various initiatives throughout the year – help graduates get career ready and take part in a departmental career night, be a personal profile reader, lend advice as a mentor or volunteer at graduation.


Let us feature you as an Alumni Trailblazer! 

Science alumni come from a variety of disciplines and we want to learn more about you and your world since graduation. During an informal interview you could share your accomplishments, travel adventures, field work or career transitions. Your story will be posted on the UBC Science website and could be featured in UBC Science Connect.

Selections and submissions will be selected based on editorial interest, and edited for length and clarity.

Estimated time commitment: Interviews can be done via email or zoom/approx’ 30min max.

Mentorship Opportunities:

Throughout the school year, there are a number of opportunities for alumni to connect with students as mentors to offer guidance, advice and support as they navigate their next steps towards graduation.

Short Term Mentoring

Department/Student Speed-Networking Events

Connect with students in a casual round table format and inspire career success with your personal anecdotes and recollections of your journey since graduation. One evening of your time can make a world of difference to a UBC Science student who is planning their future. Enquire within to see if your home department is recruiting alumni volunteers.

Alumni Networking Night (in collaboration with Sci-Team & the Student Engagement Office)

Participate in small round-table discussions with UBC Science students. There is no prep-work to be done ahead of time, just a willingness to talk and share your knowledge and expertise.  The time between mentors and students can be full of advice-giving, educational background, and career information or any other questions of interest.

Longer-Term Mentoring

These departmental led programs bridge junior & senior students as well as professionals in both the academic and industry fields:

UBC Computer Science Tri-mentoring Program

UBC Integrated Sciences Tri-Mentoring Program

Online Mentoring

Are you looking for the opportunity to share your professional knowledge and experience with fellow UBC alumni and students? alumni UBC, in partnership with UBC’s Centre for Student Involvement & Careers, has created a convenient and easy way to provide informal mentorship.

Volunteer at Convocation

UBC Science Role: Be part of the UBC Science Team

Walk in the Chancellor’s Procession (the platform party) into the ceremony. As a Science Alumni Representative you’ll hand out an alumni handbook to each graduate and acknowledge and congratulate graduates as they cross the stage during the ceremony. Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per ceremony.

UBC Ceremonies Roles: Be part of the UBC team

Each year, over 150 UBC faculty, staff, emeriti, and students from every corner of the campus volunteer during Congregation. We invite you to take part in UBC’s rich history of service to the graduating class and their families and guests. We celebrate the achievements of our graduating students through graduation ceremonies in the Spring (May) and Fall (November) each year. Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per ceremony.

Send a note of hope and inspiration: Lend your strength to UBC students today

Take a moment to help to brighten a UBC student’s day by writing them a quick note of hope, inspiration, and encouragement. It’s an easy way to keep in touch with campus and our students no matter where in the world you are! Feel free to write whatever you would like, but please keep the tone light and friendly. Share your campus memories, secrets about the best spots to study, or some friendly advice! 

Be an Alumni Personal Profile Reader

Alumni Personal Profile Readers (formerly known as Broad-Based Admissions Alumni Readers) play a vital role in helping to shape the community of students and future alumni of UBC.  For this role, we are seeking alumni volunteers who are passionate about UBC, interested in learning more about prospective students, and committed to thoroughly reviewing applications with accuracy, consistency and free from bias.

Volunteer Resources

Visit the alumni UBC volunteer resource page to find various resources to support you in your role as an alumni volunteer.

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Don’t see an opportunity you’re looking for? Contact the Science Alumni Engagement Office to discuss more ways that you can get involved.