What to Expect with Your Science Courses this Fall

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UBC Science is offering primarily in-person courses for the 2022 Winter session.

Courses designated as in-person require your attendance on campus and you should not expect to be able to participate remotely. For courses that are designated as online mode of delivery, ensure you review the section comments on the course schedule to confirm the mode of assessments including the final exam.  

Attend your classes at the scheduled time. 

Your instructors are not expected to record classes (whether offered in-person or online). Research shows that synchronous learning activities are a strong contributor to students' learning and retention of material - your instructors build in these activities so you can engage with the material and with your classmates. This sort of learning experience can't be replicated when you're watching a recording. The research also shows that students who attempt to learn solely through reviewing slide decks, notes, and videos are more likely to have lower grades than their peers who attended classes.

Online courses in Science require you to attend at the scheduled time too. Your courses will be structured in a way that requires you to be available for some or all of the scheduled time. This means that you can’t request to register in two courses that have a time conflict.


Engage, participate, and be active in your learning.  

A significant component of the value of your learning comes from the ways that you engage both in-and outside of the classroom. Ask questions as you go! Whether you're asking your classmates, your teaching assistant (TA), or your instructor, questions are a good way to deepen your understanding and support your preparation for subsequent studies in that subject. Depending on your course, you may be asking questions in a number of ways, such as in class, on online discussion boards in Piazza or Canvas, or perhaps attending office hours held by your instructor or TA.

Keep up with the course material – falling behind can happen quickly and it can be challenging to catch up, especially if you’re trying to catch up close to the end of term! If you are struggling in the course or falling behind, let your instructor know.


Expect exams and major assessments to be in person.   

By default, most of your classes will expect in-person exams. Review all the information in your syllabus for each of your classes. Talk with instructors and classmates and explore the resources available to you.

Courses vary in format and structure.   

Don’t expect that each course will be offered in the same way or that the same in-class rules apply. Each of your classes is unique, and your instructor has structured the class to support your learning in that scientific discipline. 

Pay attention to your syllabus for each course to find out more and be careful not to make assumptions.