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PIMS and its partners are committed to connecting the private sector to the expertise in mathematical sciences research at the eight PIMS universities. These bridges are built with industrial problem solving workshops and mathematical modelling in industry workshops. Both apply the latest advances in the mathematical sciences to current, real-world issues in industrial processes. PIMS applies mathematics to topics such as seismic and medical imaging, financial mathematics, and complex fluids through a variety of events, including summer schools, cross-industrial meetings and industrial short courses. PIMS aims to connect academics working in geomathematics to the oil industry, serving as a facilitator and a network of resources. Our main role is the training of highly qualified personnel and the development of the mathematics involved in seismic imaging.
Services provided by SCARL cover the spectrum of statistical design and analysis, as well as ancillary areas. The lab offers assistance in the statistical formulation of research questions, in the design of experiments and survey samples, in the choice and explanation of statistical methodology, in statistical computing and graphics, in statistical analysis, and in the interpretation of findings.
GTDT has made significant contributions to algorithmic game theory, multiagent systems and mechanism design. Research problems attacked by this group are therefore of great importance to e-commerce, auctions and advertising.
Provides a focal point for faculty and graduate students who develop and disseminate methods for data analysis in the health and life sciences. Activities include methodological research, collaborative research, consultation, and support and service to the broader biostatistical community. The group co-operates with related agencies and efforts: clinical trials and health promotion centres, the BC Ministry of Health, the BC Cancer Agency and other clinical research organizations and the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics.
Researchers with UBC Statistics have been active in this area for many years—including consulting for the US EPA and various Canadian agencies. Ongoing research ranges from analysis of pollution data collected over a geographical area and time to studies involving global climate models.
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