Our Strategies

In alignment with Shaping UBC’s Next Century, our community has agreed upon and articulated strategies referencing the core areas and objectives.

Each strategy is anchored in one area, but all have strong connections across the others, and we will ensure that these interdependencies are leveraged in implementation. Many of the strategies are related to broader efforts across the university, notably those focused on inclusion, interdisciplinary research, educational innovation, and Indigenous engagement. While most strategies build on activity that is underway, we are less advanced in some areas, where we will need to establish understanding, capacity, and momentum.

The following are the strategies that will guide UBC Science, creating an integrated framework for planning, action, and resource allocation. Consistent with our operating model, each will be advanced through a combination of Faculty initiatives and work that is driven by academic units or individual members of UBC Science. While these strategies reflect priorities that will likely prevail beyond the time frame of this plan, we commit collectively to meaningful progress in all areas over the next five years.


  • Practices that create capacity for, and recognize, our core work: research, teaching, and engagement
  • Attraction, development, and retention of promising and exceptional individuals
  • Structures and approaches that foster community wellbeing and inclusion


  • Disciplinary expertise and interdisciplinary perspective
  • Graduate student and trainee experience
  • Support for research at all scales


  • Progression in the use of evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning
  • Cultural competency, equity, diversity, and inclusion through curriculum and pedagogy
  • Programming and mechanisms that reinforce a student-centred experience


  • Relationship-building to understand and incorporate Indigenous perspectives and practices
  • Leadership in policy and public dialogue to further embed science in society
  • Strategic outreach and partnerships