Core Areas and Objectives

We have articulated the UBC Science plan around four core areas: people, research, education, and engagement.

Consistent with the university’s plan, this framework helps ensure systematic attention to our community and relationship-building, in addition to continued academic development and renewal. These domains are interconnected and reinforcing, and the relationships and balance between them are important if UBC Science is to optimize its impact and cultivate an outstanding learning environment.

Our work will be underpinned by objectives that help us prioritize activity and allocate resources accordingly, and we will hold ourselves accountable to these goals.


We will work to further develop an inclusive and supportive community that embraces diversity, helping people build richer lives through meaningful connections within UBC Science and beyond.


We will expand research excellence and impact across disciplines in the service of both society and fundamental science.


We will promote and enable student success through leadership in pedagogy, inclusive education, and a holistic approach to student support.


We will strengthen the external orientation and bilateral connections of UBC Science to enhance our public contributions and to enrich the learning of our scholars and students.