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Things to Think About in Your First Year

How can I rock my classes?

How do I define success in my courses?

Who can help me with my academics?

What do I want to accomplish during my undergrad?

Where can I find people with similar interests to me?

How is university preparing me for the career I want?

What do I want to be responsible for knowing about?

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Your First Year Bucket List

Download the BUCKET List Top 7 Advice for Science Students

Your Orientation to UBC Science

UBC Science Orientations supports the transition of new students to the UBC community. You’ll receive academic, community, and professional support through peer-to-peer connections, workshops and social events throughout first term. If you are an international student, find more information here.
Imagine Day (Tuesday Sept 5, 2017) is the first day of your university experience. On this day, you will meet new friends, explore campus, and attend a fun pep rally with over 8000 new students. The Imagine Transition Program consists of regular check-ins with your Science Orientation Leader throughout your first term. You will receive an email with further details in August.
Every new-to-UBC Science student is automatically paired with a Science Orientation Leader who will send you a personal email in early September. Your Science Orientation Leader will be your guide through your first term – from Imagine Day to the end of December. They can help point you to resources, let you know about awesome events around campus, or just hang out if you need a friend. Check-ins with your Science Orientation Leader can be when you want and about whatever you need.
  • Where can I get my textbooks?
  • What are some recommendations for electives?
  • Where are the best places to eat/study on campus?
  • Are there any free resources to help me prepare for exams?
  • How is university different from high school?
  • Where can I find involvement or research opportunities?
  • How do I get involved in research?
Your Science Orientation Leader will be available from the end of August through the first round of final exams in December. You’ll receive a personal email from them near the end of August or early September. From then, you can contact them by Facebook, text and more – they’ll send you preferred contact details in their introductory email.
Please contact Science Student Engagement at with your full name and UBC student number.

UBC Science First Year Student Timeline

Support for Science Students

Science Advising

Questions about course selection? Not sure about program or specialization requirements? Need help with your Science degree planning? Visit Science Advising.

Academic Coaching

Connect with a Science Peer Academic coach at the Irving K Barber Learning Centre. Get personalized advice on study techniques, time management and exam prep. Did you know students who work with a coach see up to a 10% increase in their grades? Learn more.

Build Knowledge and Skills to Complement Your Coursework

Attend SCI Team events to gain experience and get ahead with your academics, extra-curriculars, professional skill development, and career plans. SCI Team hosts a variety of events, such as Get into Research, throughout the year. Learn more.

Additional Help

There are many free on-campus resources available to you. Make the most out of your Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

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