Second Year Science Application: Honours

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The Year 2 Specialization Application is now closed. It will re-open in June 2024.
An Honours B.Sc. requires taking at least 27 credits in each Winter Session, passing all courses, and obtaining an average of at least 68%. Many require a higher average, and some require more than 27 credits. Refer to the UBC Calendar page for each honours specialization for details.

I don't see the honours specialization I want on the list. How can I apply?

Most honours specializations aren't available to second-year students—you apply directly to departments at the end of second year. For now, apply to the Major in the same field(s) for second year. While in second year, choose courses to meet the requirements of your desired honours. To find out specifics about switching from a Major or Combined Major into the parallel Honours or Combined Honours, look for information about the timing and process on the relevant department website(s) before you contact the department advisor(s) to inquire or ask more questions.

If I want to be in an Honours in third year but didn't meet the requirements in first year, what can I do?

If you took slightly under 27 credits in first-year but had a good average, you can qualify for an Honours after second year if you meet the requirements during second year. However, if in first year you took fewer than 24 credits and/or failed any course and/or had an average less than 68%, then don’t count on an Honours program. You’ll only be considered if your second-year performance on at least 27 credits is well above the minimum. However, if your first-year record met the minimum for Honours (at least 27 credits, no fails, an average of at least 68%) and you weren’t placed in an Honours option for second year, you may still qualify in third year if your performance in second year stays strong or improves.

How should I prioritize my three choices?

Review the requirements for each choice. Determine if you’ve completed the prerequisites. Select the specialization you really want as your first choice if you meet requirements. Don't apply for an Honours specialization if you didn't meet the minimum credit and grade requirements. Don't apply for three Honours specializations--they have the smallest enrolment and you're unduly limiting your options. Ensure that your first choice is the one you want and that you have the requirements.