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Year 2 - 3 Students

For students in Year 2 or Year 3, Degree Navigator will help guide your course planning, but please consult Science Advising or your specialization advisor if you think there is an error. Use the "Audit - UBC Report"  to review your graduation requirements (both faculty and specialization). Please do not consider it a reliable Graduation Check until your final year. Degree Navigator is not available to Integrated Science, Biotechnology and Forensic Science students.

Year 4 Students

For students with Year 4 standing, use the "Audit - UBC Report" in Degree Navigator to review your graduation requirements (both faculty and specialization). The version of the report that shows by default is the requirements that you are expected to meet - don't change the version! Once you have registered in your final year, you might see some courses listed as "unused" near the bottom of your report - these courses are still included in your credit summary for Science Credit, Upper Level Credit, and Upper Level Science Credit; it is important to review those numbers before you drop any courses so that you continue to meet those requirements. 

When you meet the requirements, you will need to apply for graduation through the Student Service Centre.

Degree Navigator is not applicable to Integrated Science, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, General Science and Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) students.

Year 1 Students

For Year 1 students, while you do not yet have a specialization, you can use the Search > Degree function in the top-left corner of Degree Navigator to see how your courses could fit into different specializations. For example, search "BSc Major Biology" and select the relevant result, then open the report following the instructions below to see how your courses could apply in the Major in Biology.

Integrated, General and Forensic Science Students

Degree Navigator is not applicable to Integrated, General and Forensic Science. Instead, use the UBC Integrated, General and Forensic Science Graduation Checklist as a relevant tool to check your faculty requirements for graduation.

  • Integrated Science students must work with the department to ensure contract requirements are met.
  • General Science students should consult the UBC Calendar and Science Advising

Please Note

Although the Degree Navigator checks for specific faculty and program requirements (i.e. required courses), your report is subject to a final approval by the department. Consult Science Advising or your department advisor.

How Do I Use Degree Navigator?


  1. Access your Degree Navigator through your Student Service Centre and take a look at your Degree Navigator report.
  2. You will see X’s next to the requirements that you haven’t completed.
  3. Register for some courses.
  4. Go back to your Degree Navigator report and see how those courses that you are now registered in change your report. Aim to have more checkmarks in your report. You may need to refresh the report by hitting apply or refreshing the page.
  5. Hopefully you will get as many completed requirements as you want and you can see which credits you’re missing. Change your registration and the report will update automatically. Learn to read your report.
Please note: The credits that you are currently registered for will show up under the Current column and will have a CIP ("Course in Progress") instead of a final grade. Be sure to pass these courses! Otherwise your report will change and no longer list them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Did you select "Audit-UBC Report" under Degree Description? If you didn't, please review the instructions on accessing your report. If you are still seeing an unexpected report, please contact Science Advising.

Not all students have Degree Navigator as of yet. We are working to make it possible for all students to use it and we will notify them when it is ready.

All Science undergraduate students have access to and can use Degree Navigator, EXCEPT those in:

  • First Year
  • Minors
  • Integrated Sciences
  • Double Majors
  • General Sciences
  • Dual Degrees in Music, Arts, and Education
  • Biotechnology
  • Second Degrees
  • Forensic Science


You should be viewing the Degree Navigator report you entered after selecting "Audit-UBC Report". You should not be changing the version of your report.

Unfortunately, Degree Navigator does not currently check for minor requirements. Complete the courses on your approved minor application form. If you do not remember the courses you've chosen, please contact Science Advising.

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