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October is upon us and with the passing of the Thanksgiving long weekend, there are a few things to keep in mind as you move forward with your Science courses.  


October 8, 2021 Update

With our return to campus this year, some students faced additional barriers to arriving back in time for classes to start on September 7, 2021. To facilitate the return of as many students as possible this term, UBC Science has provided additional temporary bridging support for students who were late arriving on campus and who were registered in in-person classes. This support has reduced barriers and supported many more students to return to campus and their studies. As we reach the Thanksgiving long weekend, this bridging support is now ending as planned. 

Some Science courses implemented bridging support in a way that was accessible to all students, and not just those who were delayed in their return to campus. Starting from October 12, you should be prepared to adjust the ways that you have been engaging in your courses. You may find that some of the additional support (e.g., links to recorded lectures) that have been offered in your courses so far this term will no longer be available moving forward. Accordingly, all students in in-person courses are expected to be on campus for course activities including in-person assessments.  

Research shows that synchronous learning activities are a strong contributor to students’ learning and retention of material - your instructors build in these activities so you can engage with the material and with your classmates. This sort of learning experience can’t be replicated when you’re watching a recording. The research also shows that students who attempt to learn solely through reviewing slide decks, notes, and videos are more likely to have lower grades than their peers who attended classes. 

We went into more detail in the information we shared with you over the summer: what to expect with your Science courses in term one.

Header photo credit: Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & Marketing.