Find better ways to learn and study


Start Off Strong

In this session, join UBC Science profs and the Science Peer Academic Coaches to proactively prepare for your first midterms.

Plan ahead to adjust to the differences from high school to university and build a solid foundation of tools and strategies that will support you in your classes! This session will be full of helpful information to set yourself up for success and start off strong in your first year of university and before your first midterms.

Keep an eye on your Distillation emails for more details.


Exam Success in 15 Min or Less

Study smarter, not harder. The Science Peer Academic Coaches offer 15-minute sessions to help you feel prepared for your final exams. Create your own study plan, pick up some helpful study tips, and learn essential time management strategies. Appointment times are released close to the date—keep an eye on your Distillation emails.

Failed a Course?

Failing a course can be very difficult to face. Maybe the subject isn’t your strong suit, or you faced distractions from other courses or personal matters.  At this point, it’s important to consider the impact of your failed course and to take appropriate steps going forward.