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A nationally designated Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research focused on bridging the gap between innovation and commercialization in the physical sciences. AAPS develops and commercialize advanced physics technologies in health and life sciences, natural resources and energy, environmental science and technologies, and information and communications technologies.
Brings together top-tier basic and applied talent to conduct research in advanced materials, medical devices, new energy and nano devices. multi-user research facilities include a high-head lab, surface and interface analysis labs, nanofabrication and cleanroom facility and a machine shop with versatile model-making capabilities.
Incorporates the goal-oriented focus of industrial research and development with the expertise, freedom and flexibility of academic research. SSP creates through interdisciplinary research and innovation, new development programs that provide unique sustainability benefits to society, often in collaboration with external organizations. A number of SSP technologies have significant commercial applications and some have already been developed into commercially-available products: light guide technology, wireless charging systems, display brightness enhancing films, magnetoplanar speaker systems and high dynamic range displays.
Has a special focus on fluid systems that are non-Newtonian or otherwise complex. As well as mathematical analysis and computation, the group conducts lab and pilot scale experiments, and is equipped to do so with a large collection of rheometry equipment and expertise in a range of measurement techniques. Fluid mechanics problems studied by the group include: drop formation in micro-fluidic channels, granular flows, oilfield cementing, roll waves, injection molding, displacement flows, paste extrusion, yield stress fluid flows, sedimentation in complex fluids, mixing, pattern formation, polymer foaming, convective heat transfer, wellbore hydraulics, interfacial dynamics, dambreaks, stratified flows, hydrodynamic stability, slurry transport, well control, spray forming, self assembly of particles and droplets. A significant part of this work has been industrially driven and/or pursued collaboratively with industrial partners.
IAM provides excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research that combines mathematics with another field, including the physical, chemical, biological and engineering sciences. One of the many objectives of the Institute is to develop and apply mathematical and numerical methods to the solution of practical industrial problems. Many IAM faculty and their students have been involved in collaborations with a variety of industries, providing expertise in fluid mechanics, image and data processing and scientific computing.
SBQMI translates theoretical and experimental understanding of strongly correlated electron systems into enhanced technological capabilities in nanostructure quantum material devices. The institute is an essential mechanism for building UBC’s research capacity and leading the way into a new era of materials research, with applications in the electronics and information fields, the automotive industry, the health care sector, and sustainable energy.
  • Elix Wireless
  • Corona Vacuum Coaters Inc.
  • Quantum Vision Corporation
  • CTOME Software and Consulting
  • Quantum Innovations Inc.
  • Mercury Mirror Corporation
  • TIR Systems Ltd. Acquired by Philips in 2007
  • Galian Photonics Inc.
  • Vortek Industries Ltd. (Note: Acquired by Mattson Technology)
  • Icefield Instruments Inc.
  • Point Grey Research Inc
  • Galian Photonics Inc.
  • Brightside (Note: acquired by Dolby Canada)
  • Sun Central
  • CLEARink Displays