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ICICS promotes multidisciplinary advanced technologies systems research among its members and with industry. Research innovations realized by ICICS members are transferred through industrial partnerships via the University Industrial Liaison Office. Due to close relationships with industry, hundreds of US patents have been issued to ICICS members, and over 30 of these have been licensed by companies. ICICS-affiliated graduate students are trained to think across disciplinary boundaries, making them highly adaptable and creative individuals. Industrial collaborators have access to 800 such students annually through collaborations with ICICS members.
Conducts research in a wide variety of topics related to operating systems and distributed systems, often targeting software that is used to control and use collections of computers on fixed and wireless networks. Research in the NSS is supported by a number of industrial sources, including Cisco Systems, Intel Research, and Network Appliance.
Conducting research in a wide variety of topics related to networking and internet technology, operating systems, distributed systems, security, and program analysis.
SPL researchers work—often with industry partners—to make real-world software development more productive, produce better systems, and more fun. Current projects focus on programming language semantics, improving the productivity of software developers, and software architecture, Web-based systems, cloud computing, and aspect-oriented programming.
GTDT has made significant contributions to algorithmic game theory, multiagent systems and mechanism design. Research problems attacked by the group are therefore of great importance to e-commerce, auctions and advertising.
IAM provides excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research that combines mathematics with another field, including the physical, chemical, biological and engineering sciences. One of the many objectives of the Institute is to develop and apply mathematical and numerical methods to the solution of practical industrial problems. Many IAM faculty and their students have been involved in collaborations with a variety of industries, providing expertise in fluid mechanics, image and data processing and scientific computing.
An emerging priority for the DSI is engaging with data-rich problems faced by British Columbia’s life sciences, biotechnology, technology and resource sectors. Housed within UBC’s Faculty of Science, DSI is uniquely situated to build partnerships with various non-profit organizations and companies on data science challenges, and to pursue joint research and development opportunities on data-rich problems.
  • Brightside Technologies
  • Point Grey Research
  • Motion Metrics International
  • XCERT Software Inc. (Note: acquired by RSA Security)
  • WebCT Educational Technologies Corporation (Note: acquired by Blackboard)
  • Inc.
  • Spark Integration Technologies (Distrix Inc)
  • TaskTop Technologies Inc.
  • Optemo Technologies
  • Scalable Analytics
  • Mobify
  • Tendemlaunch
  • Curatio
  • Coho Data
  •  Exotic Matter (Note: acquired by Autodesk)
  • Cloudburst Research (Note: acquired by Google)